"These regular folks are already making BIG money on the Internet...

... With the EXACT same step-by-step strategies we want to show YOU!"

We're extremely excited to have you meet some of the people who have already been putting cash directly into their bank accounts with the help of our Advanced Mentoring Program.

Keep in mind that... while these people come from a wide range of different backgrounds... they all have one very important thing in common: A burning desire to provide a better life for themselves and their loved ones by starting a profitable online business.

Just think -- You could be adding YOUR story to this very page in the next few months!

In One Month, His Sales Went From
$3,000 to $5,300 Using One Simple Email!

"In one month, my sales went from $3,000 to $5,300 using one simple email promotion!

I also learned how to track my site's visitors through web statistics, using SEO, email promotions and Google Adwords as a testing ground. These stats helped me understand what keywords people were searching, how much competition there was for those words, and how to effectively use those words to my advantage.

Now I feel confident I have the skills needed to branch out into new markets and increase my residual based income, one new stream at a time."

Andy Engstrom

She's On Track To Earn Close To
SIX Figures This Year!

"I'm still tweaking and optimizing my site, but already I've had over 12,000 visitors!

It’s an incredible feeling when you make your first sale and realize this stuff really does work if you follow the formula. You really do have the ability to create your own future.

I am using what I learned in the mentoring program to launch other marketing efforts, so I anticipate my revenue this year to be close to six figures!"

Ann Cook

He's Already Had Over 300 Sales...
...And His Profit Margin is 100%!

"Because of the mentoring program, I was able to target a market that pertained to my passion.

I have received over 30,000 visitors to my site so far, have received 1,500 subscribers on my opt-in list, and made over 300 sales. And because I sell an electronic download product, my profit margin is almost 100%!

The mentors were quick to respond to my questions, and their knowledge was impressive. With the techniques they showed me, I expect to easily double my sales revenue for the next 12 months, and I confidently create NEW websites within a niche market.

Without the mentoring program, it would have taken me MUCH longer to gain the skills necessary to create revenue generating businesses online."

Carl Bayer

He's Just Getting Started, and
He's Made 35 Sales!

"In the last seven days, I've had 389 visitors and 35 sales... and there's no WAY I could have learned how to do this by myself!

There's still some way to go for really high sales, but I have every confidence in my mentor and his experience to get me there."

Denis Golding

He's Now Generating FIVE TIMES More Sales!

"Since I started the Mentoring Program, I've more than TRIPLED my traffic...

... and I've generated FIVE TIMES more sales!

Most information out there tells you what to do, not HOW to do it. The IMC Mentor program educates you so that you have the information to repeat your success over and over again!

Now that I have learned how to build one business successfully, I can now repeat the process for any other type of business.

And being able to tap into the entire genius of the Interest Marketing Center was great. In effect you don’t have just one mentor, you have the entire team on your side… this is a great resource that is unmatched in this industry!

The knowledge I received in the Advanced Mentoring program is priceless. I have saved years of mistakes and many, many thousands of dollars."

Gregg Swanson; CPT, CMSC, CLSC, CLFC
Mental Strength Coach
www.profile.to/mindcoach (Facebook)

They Made 20 Sales In Just 7 weeks!

"Within the first WEEK of having our website up and doing a Google PPC campaign, we had received about 20 opt-in conversions and made 5 sales!

Since then, we have sold 20 kits in just 7 weeks, and received 3,000 unique visitors.

The formula the Internet Marketing Center taught us for building an Internet business helped us hit the bull’s eye. From niche market research, website design, copy writing, SEO to PPC strategy… the list goes on and on.

We feel so confident having all of this critical information under our belt now, and having the inside scoop on new trends and methods we’re using.

It has definitely put us on the fast track to crushing our competition!"

Karl Eberhardt

He's Earning Profits From MULTIPLE Websites!

"Since putting up my site, I've already had about 12,000 visitors!

And now that I know "everything" about starting an Internet business, it may seem like it's rather easy, but if I had to do it on my own, I'd still be absolutely nowhere!

Even though my first site took a long time to set up, my second one took less than 24 hours, and now it's up and running and already pulling in traffic.

And now I've got big plans for a THIRD site!"

Leon Louw

They're Getting 100 TIMES More Traffic,
And Are On Track To Earn
$200,000+ In the Next 12 Months!

"Since we started the Advanced Mentoring Program, traffic to our site has increased 100 times, and our sales conversions have gone up by 30%

Now we're on track to make over $200,000 in the next 12 months!

The Advanced Mentoring Program is personal, and jam packed with EVERYTHING you need to know about starting a website, maintaining it, getting advertising, and high sales conversions.

Our mentor was patient, personal, and gave us quality information in a timely manner.

We are very happy with what we have learned and how much more competent we are."

Lori Jake

He's Going To Earn $40,000 This Year...
... Working PART Time!

"The Advanced Mentoring Program is results-orientated, and your Mentor will steer you on the right path to profits.

I've made received 70 opt-ins and 12 sales in less than 90 days, and I expect to generate approximately $40,000 this year. Not bad for part time work!

If I had attempted online marketing alone, I would have done everything in reverse, which would obviously have ended up in the ‘this doesn’t work’ pile... and a LOT of money down the drain.

The Advanced Mentoring Program follows PROVEN steps in the correct order, which is crucial for success."

Mike Scully

After Just 9 Months, She's Already
Converting A Healthy 2% of Her Visitors
Into Customers!

"After just 3 months, my website was already on page one of Google for three of my top keyword phrases!

And now, at 9 months, I'm converting 2% of my visitors into buyers, and 5% into subscribers -- and that's JUST for my eBook. It doesn't include the backend products I’m working on.

The Advanced Mentoring Program was the best investment I could have made in my business. I now have a clear, easy to follow process that can be implemented whenever I want to create a new information product.

And because the mentors keep up with all of the latest tools and strategies, I didn’t have to research them myself.

Once you learn how to do it successfully one time, you can repeat the process for any other type of product you would like to create.

Without this program, I would still be wasting time trying to figure out how to do everything through trial and error and not even be close to having a product for sale online. It really helped me to be focused and complete each step in a timely manner."

Paula Farthing

He Went From Being A Complete Internet
" Newbie," to Building TWO Websites
Potentially Worth Thousands A Year!

"When I started the Advanced Mentoring Program, I was a total newbie. I didn't have a clue what HTML or SEO were, or even what an autoresponder was or did.

I can now update and maintain my web site by myself!

So far, I've had 7,200 visitors to my site, and have made 70 sales. Based on this, I expect to make approximately $600 a month with this first site, and I'm already at work on a second site that should make THOUSANDS.

If you really want to learn how to do Internet marketing the RIGHT way -- and build a sustainable income from the Internet -- there is no better way than to join the Advanced Mentoring Program, and learn to do it the right way with the right tools!"

Rob Morris

They're On Track For Sales Of $30,000 A MONTH!

"Our first website was made in conjunction with the Advanced Mentoring Program, and was up and running just 3 months after starting the program.

Within just two months, the website was generating more sales than we were spending in advertising...

... and that's where the profits began.

The business has grown significantly each month since it was launched in February 2008. Within the first five months, our income doubled each month. Last month, we had sales of $11,664 from this one site alone, plus around $600 in affiliate "backend" sales from marketed products.

While we did learn many methods, techniques and resources that would have taken years to learn on our own, the biggest benefit of the mentoring program was been putting all the individual parts into a proven and legitimate system in the correct order to maximize our success.

The mentoring program gave us a system that we can now duplicate as many times as we want to make other e-businesses.

We're aiming for $30,000 per month in sales!"

Michelle and Les Moore

"He's ALREADY sold 136 eBooks...
with his completely automated,
hands-free website!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

Just a quick update to tell you I sold 54 eBooks in August... up from 41 last month!

I even sold a few last week while I was away on vacation!

People seem to really like the eBook as well. I've had 0 returns out of 136 eBooks sold. I hope to keep this up.

While I'm at work, I sell eBooks... While I'm at church, I sell eBooks... While I'm enjoying my family, I sell eBooks!

It is a perfect business model for me and my schedule!

I am really impressed with the mentoring program at IMC.

You guys really have all it takes to transform a novice business person into a professional in just a few short months!

Matthew Woodbury, USA

"Avoid wasting 1,000s of hours (and dollars!) learning by trial and error...

... Learn from the Masters!"*

MY Mentor Len (thanks Len!) has been able to take me on a journey to finally realize the dream of making a living on the Internet!

More importantly, what the Mentoring Program has done to:

  • Give me confidence in applying and testing techniques
  • Transfer valuable skills to me so now I know what I am doing, as opposed to just reading it in a book.
  • Assist me in finding the direction and suitable niches (I had many!!) to apply myself in.

I am totally confident that without all the coaching help I received, I would still be wondering what business to apply myself to and exactly how to do it.

It is well worth the money and not only that, will save you making thousands of mistakes - why not learn from the masters I say!

Robert Scanlon, Australia


"This work-at-home mom now has EXTRA cash for luxuries...

... Like TWO new cars and vacations!"*

Thanks to your team, I now have a complete website of my own running online -- and MAKING MONEY!

It is absolutely AMAZING!

My site has been running for only 4 months and I have had over 7,500 unique visitors to my site, 300 opt-in subscribers and 62 eBook sales.

I'm finally working from home with my two-year-old son!

And I'll never worry about being fired, let go, or laid off ever again!

I've even bought TWO brand-new vehicles... and I'm taking vacations that would not have been possible without the IMC mentor program.

I now have the extra money I need for my family to enjoy the small luxuries in life.

I definitely recommend the IMC mentoring program. It basically guarantees success as long as you are willing to put forth the effort.

Taura Gannon, USA

"He took the FAST TRACK to online profits by entering the Mentoring Program!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

Wow where so I start?

After attending a live introductory class in Tacoma I purchased the 'Insiders Secrets' course, and did it ever have information! I figured it would take me 2 or 3 years to really get off and running; there was so much to learn!

When the chance to learn and DO IT MYSELF with supervision in only six months was presented, I knew that this was the fast track way to become successful on the Internet!

In the Mentoring Program I learned more than I could have alone in 2 years. I did more than I could have alone in 5 times as long, and I created much much more!!

I even found areas that I didn't know I didn't know, and then learned them too!


After all of this, you might ask, "Are you satisfied?" My answer would be a resounding NO! I'm not satisfied, I am ENTHUSIASTIC!

I am overwhelmed with what I learned in a positive way. I feel I got more than I paid for. I am delighted with the whole Mentoring Program and with my mentor Sandro.

You see, it was not just an Internet wealth and sales class. I learned what to do and HOW to create a successful small Internet business. Small not in sales volume but in overhead. It was more than tutoring -- it was learning by doing.

Thanks for all you have done. Oh, and I'll be back for more!

Dr. Jim Warner, USA

"He increased his traffic by 380%...
and his opt-ins have SKYROCKETED
by 190%!"*

-- Julian Barrett, UK

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an audio clip of what Julian had to say!

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"The Mentoring Program was crucial in helping her through the technical stuff, finally moving her business forward!"*

-- Jane Galphin, UK

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an audio clip of what Jane had to say!

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"He achieved INSTANT success
with the Mentoring Program!"*

-- Gorden Flavell, UK

Slow connection? Click here to hear
an audio clip of what Gordon had to say!

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"Every session she has, she takes a Quantum Leap forward!"*

-- Beverly Lang, UK

Slow connection? Click here to hear
an audio clip of what Beverly had to say!

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"He makes $20,000 every 8 weeks!"*

Hey everyone,

I teach tap dance and hip hop dance sessions here in Toronto, Canada to teens and adults. You need to know that I don't sell any products. I offer a service (myself) as a teacher and choreographer.

The arts in general is usually looked as not the most profitable industry to be in.

But I've learned SO MUCH over the past year through the IMC's help that has totally changed my business, my lifestyle, my way of thinking, and my bank account for the better!

For me, the help of having someone to guide me step by step really made a HUGE and rapid difference.

My mentor Keith and I corresponded through phone and email, never met. It didn't matter at all, I got more than my money's worth. And he was a great guy who actually cared. (I'll visit him in Vancouver when I can!)

It's kinda funny sometimes, because I'm teaching dance to people who have never danced before in their lives.

They find me online, I don't do anything but maintain and improve my website and copy. Literally, no flyers, no posters, no door to door. My site does all the selling 24 hours a day.

Here's some of my site facts:

  • My traffic doubled while working with my mentor Keith
  • My traffic has doubled again as of right now (400% growth)
  • I'm currently ranked 178,168 most popular site on the Web by www.alexa.com (from 1,000,000 previously!)
  • Most of my students register online by credit card

I know I'm probably giving you more than you need to know, but to say it in plain words: IMC know their sh!t, and their methods WILL work for you -- but only if you can FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS AND GET TO WORK.

In the words of Yoda: "Do or do not. There is no Try."

On that note: No, this program NOT for everybody. YOU NEED TO BE MAD SERIOUS about making a difference, and you have to be willing to invest a lot of time in your business as I was. And, you need to consider your finances right now.

If you have issues right now, then you need to deal with those first.

But if you time and money to invest, go for it. Here's extra motivation for you based on how IMC changed MY life.

This is how I'm livin':

  • I'm a dance teacher currently making $20,000+ every 8 weeks
  • (That's probably all the motivation you wanted to hear, right! Ha ha!)
  • I teach 4 days a week, only 8 classes
  • I just moved last October to a large apt, with den/office in a much nicer neighborhood than horrible basement apartment I used to live in
  • I spend more time with friends and "la familia"...
  • I have a 32" wide screen tv, (my new toy!) from the crappy 20" I used to have
  • I'm planning to create more websites based on what I've learned here
  • Because of that, I hardly even watch my new TV! Ha ha!

Speaking of selling... OH! I've made 5 sales since I started typing this 90 minutes ago.

So, if you do sign up, PLEASE take this seriously!

I know, long winded email but hey, you asked! I know how valuable testimonials are, I use them on my site too and it's great to get real feedback.

I kinda owe it to you and Keith to let you know as much as I can, so I hope this helps you a bit.

I can't speak for anyone else but from my experience, if you're serious about making a difference in your sales online and willing to work hard for it, this program will help you!

Best of luck on your journey,

Shawn Byfield, Canada

P.S. I'm not makin' any commission by sharing all this either. Damn... =)

"He now has #1 rankings in Google...
and he makes $7,000+ per month!"*

I started working with my mentor in May of 2004, and since that time my sales have gone from $2,000 per month to $7,000 per month -- and my income is now increasing by $500 per month!

My visitors have gone from 20 per day to over 100 per day.

Keep in mind that I had virtually no search engine rankings when I started the program, and now on my best terms (and they are very competitive terms), I am #7 on Google, and I have several search terms where I have a #1 listing!

I have to admit that I was skeptical about joining the mentoring program, but I can now honestly say that I will use the tools I have learned to develop additional websites and create even more income!

This program WILL help anyone who wants to make money on the Internet!

Ron Kramer, USA

"He ALREADY has 40 clients, each
paying him $300 per month...

... And he's ranked #4 in Yahoo!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

When I started the IMC advanced mentoring, I had a business idea, nothing more. My mentor helped me think through my goals, understand how to do the research, and develop a plan.

In just two months I have over 500 email subscribers to my newsletter. I also have over 40 clients paying me $300 each per month each to coach them on how to be a better advisor.

Within one month I was ranked number 4 on Yahoo in one of my niche categories. My site already attracts an average of 1500 unique visitors per month. If this is the beginning, I can't wait to see the future!

I am now getting closer to building a legacy for my children.

Thomas Marshall, USA

"His website now generates 2,000% MORE phone sales leads!"*

I started with nothing... I didn't have a single website to my name.

Now, I have two websites effectively up and running providing me with more client applications than my staff and I are able to process at this time.

I used to feel great if I could get 50-60 people per week to call my office so I could offer them my service.

Now, in only a couple short months I have 1,368 completed applications in my email inbox, waiting for me to review because I haven't been able to keep up with them.

I am in need of bringing on new staff to handle the volume of application traffic we now have as a result of marketing online.

What a fun problem to have!

Dan Ostler, USA

"He got a 291% return on his advertising dollar!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

I know this is a very small success, but the success of the concept for me is incredibly exciting!

Let me explain...

When I got home today I checked my emails as usual.

Remember that little vitamin site I "threw up"? Well with 22 clickthroughs from about 11 search terms I bid on for 10 cents each, I got one person to sign up as a preferred customer on autoship for a $39 bottle of vitamins delivered every 4 weeks.

I didn't have to do anything! She read my salesletter, went to my site and signed up online. I didn't have to talk to her or anything. And my supplier does all the work of shipping, billing etc. Cyber-marketing rocks!

Even if this person only buys this ONE bottle of vitamins, it still represents a 291% return on my advertising dollar!

I'm just a beginner and there will always be more to learn but thanks to your coaching and keeping me on the right track I can see the awesome potential from this little success!

Thanks again,

Gregg Kellogg, USA

"The feedback was INCREDIBLE...

... I already feel like I've made my money back!"*

Until she signed up for my "Advanced Mentoring Program," Maria Forrer (USA) didn't have anyone to turn to for help with her business...

Thanks to the advice and guidance of her mentor, though, Maria is now excited to report that she's written her first eBook... built a website... and written winning salescopy!

And Maria was blown away by the feedback her mentor gave her. Just listen to what she's saying about it:

Slow connection? Click here to hear
an audio clip of what Maria had to say!

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"It's not work... it's FUN!

(And my boss can't call me during my family dinners anymore!)"*

Dale Swanson (Canada) used to work as a computer technician... and he hated the fact that he was always on call. He would have to get up and leave family dinners whenever his boss needed him!

Since joining the "Advanced Mentoring Team," though, Dale has finally been able to start giving himself and his wife the life they've always wanted! And because he's so passionate about his new online business, even "work" is fun for him now!

Slow connection? Click here to hear
an audio clip of what Dale had to say!

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"English may not be his first language, but he still rakes in $75,201 A MONTH!"*

Before the mentoring program I was getting about 15,000 unique visitors a day and I had 350,000 newsletter subscribers. But my sales were really bad!!!

My conversion rates were 0.5% and I was desperate because nobody was buying, even though I work 12 hours a day.

After joining the IMC program, my profits triple!

Now I get conversion of 3% and my monthly sales are $75,201.71!

Definitely my life changed. Now I go on vacation and work less. Before IMC, I go near 4 years without vacations... But this year I have gone on vacation 3 times and I'm planning trip again in December.

You may have some doubts to join the mentoring program because the cost, but this is really an illusion because one idea could pay the entire program.

For example, after my 4th session, the increase in my sales paid for the entire program. All after that is net profit.

My first language is Spanish, my English is very bad, and I live in Mexico. But nothing affects what I learned on this program... I have learned a lot!

Luis Alberto Gonzalez Cabrera, Mexico

"This guy makes $10,000+ A MONTH...
and he's just getting started!"*

I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun learning anything in my life!

Making and optimizing websites is now my ultimate hobby... I love it!

I re-do exactly what I have been taught and come up with another stream of income.

I spend less than 4 hours per week testing and tweaking my site now and the sales just keep rolling in!

I am now receiving over $2,500 dollars per week in online sales and anticipate that I will double my sales to over $5,000 per week by the end of the month!

I often brag about your mentoring program to my friends. I tell them that without this program, I would have never even dreamed about having such a lucrative "extra" income!

I am considering taking the program again just because it has been such a fun and amazing experience for me!

Darren Salkeld, Canada

"This fiddle guru nearly quadrupled
his sales!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

The investment required to enter the your Mentoring Program seemed intimidating at first.

But it turned out to pay for itself!

The month before I started, my sales were a total of 12, averaging $42 each.

This month I've had 34 sales averaging $46 each and the month has 6 days left! Thanks for the great coaching help.

Elan Chalford, USA

"One simple price change skyrocketed his sales by more than 400%!"*

I would just like to thank you very much for your mentoring over the last 6 months.

When I embarked on this, I must admit that I was quite concerned -- it isn't cheap and I had never spent that much money on a program before.

Having now completed the program, I can honestly say that it has been great value for money.

You took me step by step through the process of creating a successful online business... And even though I *thought* I already knew a fair bit about Internet marketing, I now know the right way.

As you know, one change to pricing resulted in a nearly 400% increase in sales on my existing site.

And since our last conversation, I’ve changed the headline as you recommended and already I am seeing a 100% increase in the number of people signing up to the site.

You’ve given me a ‘blueprint’ for creating my salescopy (something I always struggled to do) and I believe that when I implement all the changes you have recommended then I'll have a site (or two) making me a decent income.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming a serious Internet Marketer!

Richard Clement, United Kingdom

"She got off the fence, started a business
she LOVES... and made a friend!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

Joining the advanced mentoring program is one of the best things I’ve done, and I have no regrets.

For two years before joining the program, I have been ‘sitting on the fence’ about starting my own business. Three months into the program, I am well on my way to making my dream come true!

One of the best things I liked about the program was the unlimited support you get.

After starting the program, I soon realized how important this was. You will be surprised at how many questions you have -- from small issues such as choosing the right domain name, to larger issues such as your sales letter being optimized for search engines.

My mentor has been absolutely fantastic, and has always helped me with any problems I have had, and he is not only an excellent mentor, but has also become a true friend.

Without this program, I would have probably made lots of mistakes and wasted unnecessary money and time.

Best wishes,

Amar Chandarana, United Kingdom

"He realized he was making obvious, costly mistakes..."*

Just a quick note to say thanks to my mentor for another great call.

I charge up to £5,000 just to write an ad for a client, and I'm highly respected in the UK.

I always get great results, yet it's embarrassing to see some of the now obvious mistakes I've been making!

Just one call was probably worth the entire fee of the program -- and will make us much more!

Looking forward to our future sessions!

Steve Hackney, United Kingdom

"They're not even DONE the program yet, and they're already planning their NEXT business!"

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

We are two guys who decided to put our years of management experience into an internet business...

Neither of us was particularly Net-savvy when we joined your mentoring program. Sure, we were regular Web users, and familiar with the general principles, but that was it.

We're now half way into our program and have developed a site from scratch, selling our career topic eBooks.

The detailed help has been fantastic.

We've been given state of the art tools and hand-held in how to use them. So from largely a standing start, we now have salescopy, a live site and everything is optimized in terms of keywords and search engines. (Yep, you can tell we know the techy terms now!)

We are ten times more clued-up and 'net savvy' than when we started, so we are going to able to take this know-how and use it on the next venture in a couple of months' time... and on any other Internet businesses.

It looks like the best investment we made!

David Wedge & Robin Alcock, United Kingdom

"She started a successful how-to-quilt website with her daughter!"

Your coaching process and style is leading me on a path that I know will be successful. Your suggestions and feedback have been invaluable and have kept me on track.

And I am especially pleased that you made me promise to 'keep an open mind.'

Never in a million years would I have believed that I could create a business around quilting, which is truly one of my loves!

My daughter, who is also a quilter, is now interested in helping me! The thought of being in business with her is even better than I could hope for! (And, you are right, picking something you love makes the work enjoyable!)

I know that we are only part way through this process, but I am confident that your coaching will lead me to a highly profitable endeavor.

I look forward to being one of your success stories, and maintaining a long-term relationship with IMC.

Thanks again!

Penny Halgren

"This single mom of four is NOT
a wage slave anymore..."*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

As a single mum with four daughters to support I had been grinding away as a “wage slave” for years.

I no longer found my employment satisfying, I had no control over my time, and worst of all, I was still struggling to pay the bills and buy a few extra treats here and there.

That's what motivated me to get involved with IMC's mentoring program.

My mentor guided me to build a website business around an exciting niche market, with a lot of potential to spin off into other mini sites!

And now six months later, I am a great deal happier.

My pace of life has slowed down considerably as I have cut out all those wasted hours commuting to and from work...

I now have more time to spend with my family and friends and I'm far less stressed.

Being involved in the IMC mentoring program was priceless.

My mentor gave me ideas and suggestions that I had never even considered. And his regular telephone calls spurred me on whenever I was feeling isolated. He made me believe in my idea and the future.

I truly believe that the IMC mentoring program provides a bridge to a better quality of life... They are not only outstanding mentors, they are also wonderful friends.

Kay Gugliotta, United Kingdom

"She's building a future for
her grand kids!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

When I first signed up to the IMC mentor program, I was surviving on a small pension supplemented by re-mortgaging my property to release equity.

I was working alone on a large website... but I was drifting a little, and welcomed someone who knew what they were talking about to see how I was doing.

Right away my mentor showed me where I'd gone off track and showed me many exciting ways I could capitalize on the work I had already done.

The potential income from my new sites and the development is now mind-blowing!

I am now closer than ever to building a secure financial future for my daughters and grandchildren... and financing a dream I have to live in France!

Lesley Simpson, United Kingdom

"She got 73 new subscribers
in the last 5 days alone!"*

When I started the mentoring program, I didn't know there was an established science to the research required to define a niche market, get subscribers and track all the results.

One very important thing you have taught me is the importance of numbers, testing and tracking response.

Now I can tell you, I got 73 new subscribers in the last 5 days alone... with a 1/40 subscription rate!

After your excellent guidance, I feel secure that I can create additional projects following the formula.

Even after my program ended, you have continued to support and guide me and I really appreciate that.

Thanks so much for the patience you took to ensure I knew the importance of the fundamentals. You managed to explain things in a way I could understand.

Gail Metcalf, USA

"She started with NOTHING...
and now she has a money making Internet business!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

Thank you so much for all your help in establishing my online business. Your guidance and support has been invaluable throughout the whole process.

When I first started the program I had no idea how to identify a niche market, design a website, create an ad campaign, let alone develop my own product. Well now that has all changed!

I designed a website that appealed to my market, then launched a low cost test ad campaign to ensure I was targeting the right market.

This is when things got really exciting, the results speak for themselves... 10% of all clickthroughs converted to subscribers for my offer, now my mailing list is growing and things are on the up and up.

Thank for your support, patience and guidance throughout this process, without it I would still be fumbling in the dark.

Anna Stewart, Australia

"He learned TONS of profitable tips
and strategies!"*

I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding coaching help over the past few weeks. My company's growth and productivity have simply exploded with your guidance and support!

Before working with you, I had been looking for an "edge" that would propel my internet business to the next level.

Thanks to your expert advice and marketing mentorship, I have finally discovered results-producing strategies that will undoubtedly grow my online company to incredible success throughout this year and beyond.

Not only have I learned tons of practical tips and "insider" strategies from our phone consultations (...not to mention the pages and pages of valuable notes I've taken!), but I've also gained much greater confidence in my abilities to test those strategies with laser-like precision, rather than wasting precious time and money on cookie-cutter approaches or theoretical marketing hype.

I truly believe in the concept that "success leaves clues."

Indeed, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with and learn from highly successful and professional mentors such as yourselves.

Thanks again, for being an exceptional mentors. I am convinced that we will continue to experience incredible success online!

Mel A. Ona

"He increased his conversion rate
by 400%... practically OVERNIGHT!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

I knew I had a good idea but I needed help to get started. I know I work best when motivated to reach goals, my mentor and I set these goals every week.

After making some changes based on feedback from my mentor and topics in the course I am happy to have reached a short term goal of 2 sales a day! I have also proved to myself that I can turn a profit on advertising. Most importantly I applied a few principles to my opt-in rate and saw a 400% increase practically overnight!!!

I still have a ways to go to reach my long term target but it is very clear that it is reachable, thanks to you.

Making the "dream" a reality gives me more motivation to succeed and I have only applied a couple of principles and strategies I have learned from the course.

If you believe in your idea and you can back that up with some quick research then this program is for you, GO FOR IT!!

Brian Benner, USA

"He established a successful website
in just ONE WEEK!"*

My name is Gary Lewis and I already had my own website, when I first got involved with the IMC Advanced Mentoring Program.

I am not really a greedy person, but I was hoping that IMC could help me speed up the learning process and get straight to the point of making money right away.

That was the smartest choice I ever made!!!

I did not have a lot of money to invest in getting and I was a little worried ... I was spinning my wheels and not making that much progress.

However, this is where, my mentor came in... He helped line me up with a tangible idea, tangible idea, found a market, got me excited, and keeps me on track!!

I now have a website built, www.vendtime.com, which is was established in a week , and I am presently working on marketing ideas.

That is what is so great about the IMC mentoring program. They teach you how to set up everything on autopilot so all you have to worry about is the marketing end.

If you are trying to learn about how to make money on the Internet, I can only say three words -- JUST DO IT!!

The mentoring program from IMC saves you so much time that it is PRICELESS!!!

Gary Lewis, USA

* The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average person, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

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