Create Online Income With Affiliate Programs

Discover how to create an online income with affiliate programs

Want to create an online income with affiliate programs?

Becoming an affiliate who promotes other companies' products for a commission on sales is one of the fastest ways to start generating an online income. And best of all, it's EASY to get started!

You simply find high-paying affiliate programs that offer products that fit with your existing market and customer base. Join their programs and begin promoting their products on your website or to your email list. Then whenever someone you refer via your affiliate links buys one of their products, you earn a commission.

But not all affiliate programs are created equal.

If you want to create online income with affiliate programs and have it grow exponentially, you need to look for two-tier affiliate programs.


  • One-tier affiliate programs offer you a set commission on sales. The problem with this type of program, though, is there's a ceiling on how much you can earn promoting their products. What happens when you've exhausted your list, and your affiliate sales begin to drop?

    You either have to find new products to promote, or drastically increase your list size.

  • Two-tier affiliate programs. You also earn a set commission on sales with a two-tier program. But when your affiliate sales start to drop, you can recruit sub-affiliates by promoting the affiliate program to your list. Then whenever your sub-affiliates refer sales, you earn a percentage of those, too!

    (This is also an excellent way to create residual income with an online business.)

Let's say you sign up for a two-tier affiliate program and you earn $15 for each paying customer you refer, and $5 for each sale made by affiliates you recruit.

You recruit three new sub-affiliates in the first month, and...

Affiliate #1 makes 6 sales
Affiliate #2 makes 13 sales
Affiliate #3 makes 27 sales

... and you make 45 sales.

For your sales, you would earn $675 (45 sales × $15 per sale).

And from your sub-affiliates' sales, you would earn $230 (46 sales x $5 per sale).

That's $230 generated from just 3 sub-affiliates! And you didn't have to do anything other than promote the program to your list.

You can see why most high-paying affiliate programs are two-tier!

If you'd like to learn more about how to create online income with affiliate programs, including how to start your OWN affiliate programs to earn cash, read about our best-selling Internet marketing course.

Feel free to take a look around our affiliate program. Not only is it one of the Web's most successful, but it's also two-tier!

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