The so-called "experts" are NERVOUS... we're giving away our most advanced email marketing secrets -- stuff that even they don't know about! So now you can...

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Important Announcement:

Against our better judgment, for the first time ever, I have agreed to reveal our unbeatable formula of dirt-cheap strategies that I used to make over $3.5 Million last year with email marketing.*

It took me over a month to outline, and another 3 months to research and write, but it's finally ready...

In 390 pages, "The Insider Secrets to Email Marketing -- Version 2006 " gives you a first-hand look at 100's of our most profitable test results, including a breakdown of the logic behind every decision I make...

So you'll finally know, without a doubt:

The 3 NEW criteria used by "spam filters" to deliver your email -- accreditation, reputation, and email authentication! (Warning! It's NOT about your email content any more!)

How to get "whitelisted" with Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail
(plus 34,000 other domains) -- and guarantee the delivery of every email you send!

How you can make $30,000 to $50,000 per month with a free newsletter... even if you don't have a product to sell!*
Learn how I turned a paid subscription newsletter into a CASH COW of over $1.5 Million per year -- in just
3 months!*
How to quickly build a list of 1,000s of email subscribers -- even if your site gets NO traffic!
Ten HOT marketing campaign ideas you can use to profit from email marketing in the next 48 hours.
How to send email to the 2 BILLION consumers using
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Outright STEAL our list of "Top 30 Subject Lines"! we're going to GIVE YOU our all-time most profitable subject lines... proven to get results!

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And because it's still a new product and we're eager to collect testimonials, for the next three days ONLY until July 31, 2016, we're giving away copies at a significant 29% discount...
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From: The Internet Marketing Center Team
Wednesday, 9:48 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Did you know that the vast majority of online and offline businesses settle for a mere fraction of the profits they COULD be making?! It's true!

They settle for 50% to 100% LESS PROFITS than they deserve, because they have no idea...

They're making critical mistakes with email that are
destroying their reputations and crippling their incomes!

... I know, because every day I open our inbox and read emails from businesses of all sizes -- from "mom and pop" operations to Fortune 500 companies -- who are making the very mistakes I learned to avoid YEARS ago.

And I know this will sound cocky, but I'd bet our last dollar that YOU are making these same mistakes too... without even knowing it!

Are YOU faced with these challenges...?

1. Almost NOBODY subscribes to your email list... You've posted a web form on your site, but no one ever seems to enter their name and email address like they're supposed to... and you have no idea why! email
2. You get hardly any response to your email offers... You send out promotions that you think are pretty good -- but you never see more than a handful of sales or leads... Frequently, your subscribers don't even OPEN your messages!
3. Your subscribers don't receive the email you send them... As far as you can tell, hardly any of your subscribers are even getting the emails you're sending them. You think it has something to do with spam filters, but you have no idea what to do...
4. People are complaining, asking to be taken off your list... And you're getting frustrated because people who ASKED to be subscribed are sending you angry, threatening messages, demanding to be removed! What's their problem, anyway?
5. Your list-management chores are "out of control"... You know you need to remove people who request to be "unsubscribed"... and you know you shouldn't mail the same subscribers twice with the same promotion... or send customers ANOTHER offer for a product they already own. But you have no idea how to "automate" these time-consuming tasks!
6. You want to send email -- WITHOUT looking like a spammer! You're confused about what's acceptable and what's not when it comes to mailing to your list. After all, once you've mailed them ONCE, you can't just send them the same offer again, can you? So then what?
7. You haven't even TRIED sending email campaigns yet... Sure, you know you're missing out on massive income and profits, but where should you even begin?

The "silent" income-killers that may
ALREADY be eating away at your profits...

Honestly, we're just skimming the surface of problems you could be experiencing.

... I haven't even BEGUN to mention the "silent" income-killers that even the most experienced marketers have no idea they're plagued by:

Silent Income-Killer #1:

Have you bought into the myth that emails formatted in HTML will generate way more sales?

Or, maybe you've believed the articles that say text-formatted emails are the best way to go...

The industry experts are split down the middle about which email format is more effective, and I know their heated debates have confused a LOT of our clients...

email marketing software

Yet I happen to know for a FACT that BOTH groups are wrong!

Through our own extensive testing, I've discovered that both HTML and text-formatted emails can generate outrageous sales and profits... when the right kind of formatting is paired with the right offer!

I've learned the real secret is knowing how to choose your email format based on the type of offer you're making, and then write your copy to fit that format...

... Doing this, I've seen sales from some of our email campaigns MORE THAN DOUBLE!

Silent Income-Killer #2:

Have you (logically) assumed that spam filters look at the CONTENT of your emails to make decisions about whether they will be delivered to your subscribers...

... or filtered as "spam" or "junk mail"?

If you have, your business may be at risk!

Yes, at one time, the content of your emails was the #1 reason that determined whether your messages would be delivered -- or filtered as spam. (For example, if you mentioned "ink cartridges," "business opportunity," or "hot girls," your email could be filtered.)

But most online business owners have no idea a massive industry shift is taking place!

... Email service providers have ALREADY stopped focusing on the content of your emails -- and they're now looking at your reputation, accreditation, and email authentication!

Once you understand WHAT these things are, and how to apply them to your business (very simple), it's easy to make sure your email gets delivered.

But if you don't, and you're still focused on "content filtering" -- or worse, completely oblivious to ALL these issues...

... Anywhere from 40% to 80% of your email may ALREADY be getting filtered as "junk mail" and "spam"... so your subscribers never even see it!

... And these are just TWO examples; I could easily give you 100 more just like them!

If email is the #1 online activity...

... And if 82% of Internet consumers
have made a purchase from an email,

...WHY do some people complain
that email marketing is "dead"?

You've probably heard people gripe and complain... "Email is dead"... "The spammers wrecked email for everyone"... "Email isn't profitable anymore."

I've heard these complaints, too... And they make me laugh.

If email marketing doesn't work, then how in the world did I make $3.5 million last year from email marketing alone?* (If you're not familiar with me, and this sounds outrageous, click here now to read our credentials...)

And why can I also quote endless SUCCESS STORIES of "regular" people making anywhere from $100,000 to $2 Million per year, using email marketing as a key component of their marketing strategy?* (Click here now to see seven examples...)

That's why we're ready to share
our $3.5 Million secret

Obviously, email marketing isn't as EASY today as it was four or five years ago.

In the "good old days" you could just slap together a quick letter, mail it, and collect your profits.

But spam wasn't such a BIG problem back then.

There weren't anti-spam organizations policing the Internet with "blacklists" and a "guilty-until-proven innocent" mentality that can result in 40-80% of your email being accidentally filtered as "spam."

And you had less competition because fewer businesses had embraced email as a marketing tool.

Do these new challenges mean that email marketing is no longer profitable... or even worthwhile? Of course not...

Even industry experts agree... Email marketing CAN be extremely profitable, *IF* you know what you're doing:

>> Email is the #1 online activity for Americans! (Pew Internet Survey)
>> Out of 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) Internet users worldwide, 90% use email! (PostFuture)
>> 82% of online consumers have made at least one purchase as a result of an email! (PostFuture)
>> People now use email to communicate MORE than the telephone! (Marketing Sherpa)
>> 90% of consumers use email multiple times per day! (DoubleClick)
>> 30.1% of people use email for gift ideas! (ReturnPath Survey)
>> 40.9% of people comparison shop with email! (ReturnPath Survey)
>> 59% of people have redeemed an email coupon at online OR offline store! (PostFuture)

... And these are just a FEW of the reports I found!

The Internet is no longer a "novelty"... and neither is email. It's growing up... And your marketing strategies need to grow with it!

The facts are...

  1. If you're NOT properly educated about how to collect, manage, and store email addresses...

  2. If you don't know how to avoid being accused of spamming and how to deal with the anti-spam organizations should you be accidentally "blacklisted" as a result of a few forgetful subscribers...

  3. If you don't know how to format your email so that it will be displayed professionally in the majority of email programs...

... email marketing can be very frustrating, and it can produce very disappointing results.

On the other hand...

If you ARE educated and you DO know what works,
what doesn't, and how to AVOID the dangers and pitfalls:

You can dramatically increase the income
of your online or offline business!

You can use email promotions to:

  • Sell 20% of your customers a SECOND product...
  • Establish yourself as a "credible" business owner...
  • Develop close, personal relationships with subscribers...
  • Convert "tire-kickers" into eager buyers through follow-ups...
  • Generate qualified referrals and sales leads...
  • Reduce chores by automating your customer service...
  • Deliver "electronic products" like eBooks and software -- automatically...
  • Dramatically increase your sales and income...

... plus much more!

"And it's certainly not unreasonable to expect to snowball your income of $2,000-$5,000 into $40,000... $75,000.. even $100,000+ per year.

... Even if you're just starting out, six months from now you could have a significant part-time income of $15,000, spending no more than 3.5 hours per week (that's an extra $1,250 per month for as little as 8 hours of work)..."*

All you need is the advantage of our own personal testing and research that I've packed into our brand-new eBook, "The Insider Secrets to Email Marketing -- Version 2006."

This 390-page printable eBook is literally an A-to-Z guide, crammed full of step-by-step instructions, examples, and case studies of absolutely everything you need to know to profit wildly using the SAME strategies I personally used to generate over $3.5 Million last year from email marketing alone!*

You'll see, first-hand, the test results
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... plus, see which "losers" didn't make the grade, so you can AVOID them, too!

The fact is, we're able to do what very, very few businesses can even imagine -- I can run tests to 10... 15... 25 test lists, which consist of anywhere from 10,000-15,000 opt-in subscribers each.

I can send these tests one afternoon, and by the following morning, I can know exactly which one generated the best results. Then I can take the winning tests, modify them based on what I've learned, and run MORE tests...

In less than 48 hours, I can generate test results and uncover new strategies that would take most small business owners with their lists of 1,000-2,000 subscribers MONTHS to figure out.

We're talking about strategies like:

How to quickly build a list of 1,000s of email subscribers -- even if your site gets NO traffic!
Discover how I used one email promotion to earn $74,000 -- with only 20 minutes of work -- and how you can model our success!*
Discover the 3 BEST DAYS of the week to send email -- and make sure you never send email on the WORST day...
Learn how I turned a paid subscription newsletter into a CASH COW of over $1.5 Million per year -- in less than 3 months!*

The secret to formatting emails for MAXIMUM sales and results... we'll show you when to use text, HTML, images, bolding, bullet lists, and more!

Seven Email Marketing Case Studies of online businesses making between $100,000 and $2 Million per year, using email marketing as a major component in their online marketing campaigns.*
How to write emails that sell like crazy -- using the SAME secrets as high-priced copywriters who'll charge $500 per hour!
Ten HOT marketing campaign ideas you can use to profit from email marketing in the next 48 hours.

Outright STEAL our list of "Top 20 Subject Lines"! we're going to GIVE YOU our all-time most profitable subject lines... proven to get results!

... plus much more!

But what if you don't have a business yet?

No problem. we'll show the fastest ways to generate income using email marketing -- WITHOUT a web site, and without ever spamming!

We'll show you where to find companies who will pay you hefty commissions to recommend their products, so even if you're just getting started, you can begin making cash from your opt-in list within the next 4 weeks!*

Read detailed studies of "average websites" who have EXPLODED their profits with email...

... They explain exactly how they're making $113,000... $375,000... even $1 MILLION
(and more) per year -- in their own words!

In case you think email marketing can only work for BIG guys -- with websites making MILLIONS per year -- I think you'll be excited to hear that our new "Insider Secrets to Email Marketing" features tons of case studies that PROVE the "little guy" can profit, too!

You'll meet regular people who have exploded their website profits using these secrets. And you'll learn exactly how they did it, straight from the horse's mouth!

For example, you'll be meeting...

testimonials about email secrets

Case study #1 -- Rosalind G.

Rosalind's dating information site has an opt-in list of more than 70,000 subscribers, and is making $30,000 to $50,000 US per month (over $360,000 per year)!*

... Discover how she's using email to make a substantial income -- and she doesn't even have a product to sell!

secrets about email marketing

Case study #2-- Keith M.

Keith has grown his free newsletter to over 50,000 subscribers by positioning it as an "exclusive club" for left-handed people...

... You'll see a sample of his friendly newsletter, and discover how he's blasted his income to over $520,000!*

successful email marketing

Case study #3 -- Paul J.

Yoga teacher Paul is making over $113,000 per year selling a course that teaches others how to become yoga teachers.*

... Find out how Paul gets 10% of his website visitors to subscribe to his email list, PLUS learn the secrets behind the success of his popular HTML newsletter!

learn email marketing secrets

Case study #4 -- Chad T.

Learn how Chad has grown his opt-in email list to more than 360,000 subscribers in the highly competitive fitness industry... and how he's generating revenues in excess of $1 million per year!*

... Plus, we'll show you the exact autoresponder messages he uses to close FIVE MORE SALES for every 100 visitors!

secrets to email marketing success

Case study #5 -- Maria G.

Maria G. makes over $375,000 per year with her website that teaches people "how to get organized"!*

... Discover how she uses her free newsletter to "upsell" readers into one of 3 paid subscription newsletters -- and how she builds loyalty with a fine balance of free content and marketing promotions!

learn how to effectively use email marketing to promote your business

Case study #6 -- Lou E.

Despite the fact that "travel" is a highly competitive marketspace, Lou's cruise website made over $1 Million last year...*

... Learn how Lou actually DECREASED his email by 50%, yet still gets 80% of his subscribers to make a purchase!

testimonials about email marketing book

Case study #7 -- Penny H.

Penny's quilting website is ALREADY generating a respectable $100,000 per year... with over 7,000 loyal subscribers...*

... But the REAL genius is Penny's opt-in offer, which converts 14% of her website visitors into subscribers!

... plus you'll meet MANY MORE case studies, just like these!

Not collecting email addresses yet?
Never sent an email campaign before?

No problem... we'll start at the beginning:

Of course, if you've never sent an email campaign before, all this talk of "advanced email marketing" probably has got you nervous...

Will this eBook still work for you -- even if you're a beginner?

Absolutely, YES!!!!

While the 390 pages of this eBook are PACKED with our most lucrative email campaigns that I personally used to generate over $3.5 MILLION last year, you can rest assured that we'll walk you through all the necessary basics, first!

For example, we'll show you...

The FASTEST way to start collecting email addresses on your website!
A "template" for an opt-in form you can STEAL from me!
How to grow your email list -- even if your website gets ZERO traffic!
Your 3 options for "managing" your email addresses-- without technical fuss!
Automation secrets for adding new subscribers to your email list -- 100% hands-free!
Tips for keeping your list clean, right from day one, by automatically removing unsubscribes and undeliverable messages (i.e. "bounce backs")!
14 ideas for sending your FIRST email marketing campaign to your list!

Templates for your newsletter (if you choose to offer one) -- in both text AND HTML!

How to make sure your email doesn't look like spam -- or accidentally break laws!
Tricks for automatically tracking the sales and visitors from your email campaigns!

... plus much more!

Best of all, I think you'll be both surprised and delighted to discover that even our MOST ADVANCED email campaigns are easy to understand and apply to your business!

Because what makes them "advanced" is the fact that fewer than 1 in 1,000 marketers know about them -- they took months of research in our personal testing labs, with our MASSIVE subscriber list, to discover!

So even a self-proclaimed "beginner" should find themselves with fistfuls of unexpected sales... cheering to friends about how easy it was!

"Learn copywriting secrets PROVEN to get a 10% to 20% response on your email campaigns... and increase sales by 366%!*

We're going to let you in on a little secret that most "experts" will never tell you...

Copywriting for email is a completely different ball game than copywriting for the Internet...

... Because email and the Internet are two very different media, each with their own advantages -- and challenges!

I know this probably makes logical sense to you... In fact, you're probably not surprised by this at all.

But did you know that 95% of the copywriting strategies most "experts" give you should NEVER be applied to your email campaigns? Why?

Because they're designed for web copy!

For example, have you bought into this myth... ?

Experts will frequently tell you that when you write email copy, you need to keep your sentences short and snappy. They'll tell you that since it's hard to read on a computer screen, this helps keep the salescopy "reader-friendly" and will increase your response.

Sounds good, right? Wrong! They're all DEAD WRONG!

Through our own extensive testing I've discovered there's a time and place you should ALWAYS use run-on sentences... You can't use them all the time, because Yes! Readability is important...

But when you know our secret for how to use run-on sentences in your copy -- and when you understand the LOGIC behind it -- you can see increases in your response rate anywhere from 45%-65%!

In fact, on some tests I've actually DOUBLED our response using this one technique alone... And we'll show you why it works!

... Of course, that's just one example of "advanced" copy secrets I've discovered through our extensive testing that most experts don't even have the first clue about.

With "The Insider Secrets to Email Marketing -- Version 2006," you'll be privy to all of our email copy testing and research results... so you'll be able to sidestep the "silent" income killers and apply our most profitable copywriting secrets to all of your email campaigns.

We're talking about strategies like...

Capitalize on the "secret goldmine" in ANY promotion! You'll discover why the first sentence of ANY email you send is the most critical -- and what you MUST SAY to maximize sales!
How you can achieve the same 10% to 20% click through-rates that we consistently profit from using a strategy that will create URGENCY in every offer you send -- so your subscribers are deathly afraid of "losing out"!
Instantly pinpoint the "weak link" in any email promotion you send, so you can immediately FIX IT, and dramatically increase your response!
The top 7 rules for formatting ANY email -- so it's displayed without errors or problems in the top 5 BIGGEST email providers (Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc.)

Discover why your subject line is the KEY to a successful email promotion, and how you can avoid the fatal mistake made by 99% of all email marketers.

Discover the "magic" length (and width) for email promotions that we have scientifically tested to generate maximum response. If your email is too short, people won't click through. But if it's too long, they won't read it.
Reveal your price too early, and you'll KILL your sales. we'll give you 3 simple rules that will help you decide the BEST TIME to reveal price... and when to save it for later in your sales process.

Get as much as a 700% BIGGER response to every mailout you send... with automatic custom personalization!

Craft "scan-friendly" emails that generate sales -- even if they're only read for 5 seconds! Our testing has proven that a "scannable" email promotion will consistently produce as much as 860% MORE sales... !
Discover the 4 killer subject line angles that have proven over and over again to pull more response than anything else out there -- in any industry -- by a HUGE margin!
How a simple change I made to a subject line increased sales by 42%!*
How you can increase sales by up to 366% with one simple formatting change! Until now, this has been one of our most valuable secrets...*

... And much, much more!

We'll even show you ACTUAL COPIES of email promotions I've sent, with their results, along with campaigns sent by some of our most successful students...

"Discover how I consistently attract tens of thousands of subscribers every month...

... And how to convert YOUR website visitors into loyal email subscribers (and buyers)!"

Are you having trouble persuading your visitors to "opt in" to your email list? Don't feel bad if you are... It's a common frustration.

Most website owners have subscription rates and opt-in rates of LESS THAN 1%...

I know, because I frequently talk to people who are having trouble getting 1 in 200... even 1 in 300 of their visitors to sign up for their newsletter...

Yet here's a little secret...

Did you know that our opt-in rate typically hovers between 10%-20%? It's true... Just this past month alone, 44,901 subscribers signed up for our free "Marketing Tips" Newsletter.* (Click here now if you'd like to sign up, too...)

To save you from doing the math, that's over 1,830 new subscribers PER DAY!

And in case you think that's unusual, we'll tell you that last month, I saw 55,718 new subscribers opt in to our list... These are the kind of numbers I generate consistently...

... How am I doing it? And more importantly, how can YOU do the same?

We'll tell you in our new eBook, where I give away our most advanced secrets for exploding the growth of your opt-in list including...

What's the "jackpot" position for your opt-in form? It depends: do your visitors first arrive at a short homepage... or at a long salesletter page? With this ONE secret, you'll immediately boost subscriber sign-ups. And all you need to do is change the placement of your opt-in form!
How I DOUBLED our opt-in rate using a hot new advertising technology!
The magic words that EASILY overcome people's natural resistance to subscribing to your newsletter -- and get them scrambling to sign up!
Discover the 14 proven opt-in incentives that are the most successful opt-in strategies I've come across in 6 years of testing.
Are you getting as many opt-ins as you should? Find out how to isolate the "weak link" and correct it immediately.

Know the critical differences between single, notified, and confirmed opt-in ... and which will grow your opt-in list 30% FASTER!

Websites that will give you FREE content for your newsletter... or, where to hire top-notch ghostwriters who will actually bid on your job!

How to recover 30% of your lost subscribers by sending a follow-up message.

... Plus, even after you've applied our secrets and watched your opt-in rate at your site grow dramatically higher, why rely on web site traffic alone?

Learn how can you double -- even triple -- the growth rate of your email list using newsletter announcement services, newsletter directories, and dirt-cheap ads... the same strategies we've used to build a list of 800,000+ loyal subscribers.

"Learn how YOU can win the long-term
loyalty of your email subscribers...

... Using our "Master Campaign Formula," which I use to consistently make $250,000.00 to $350,000.00 -- every month, with email!" *

When I tell people that I make, on average, $250,000 to $300,000 per month from email campaigns, they assume I must be "hammering" our opt-in list with promotion after promotion... *

They don't think our success could possibly last, because they think I must be wearing out our opt-in list!

I understand why they make these assumptions...

After all, I've seen plenty of examples of business owners who make FATAL mistakes mailing their lists and destroy their response rates forever! (I give you a case study of one such business owner in our eBook...)

But the truth is, I've been doing this for YEARS now...

And the response rate of our opt-in list is so consistent and predictable that we're able to accurately forecast our sales and profits from any campaign I send... literally months in advance.

... How have I been able to maintain such high, consistent response rates?

It's easier than you might imagine:

I have a "master campaign formula" that consistently wins the long-term loyalty of the vast majority of our new email subscribers... so they're actually eager to hear from me again!

And in our eBook, "The Insider Secrets to Email Marketing -- Version 2006," you'll learn exactly how it's done, too, including strategies like...

How often you can email your subscribers -- to get the highest response with the least complaints and unsubscribes.

If you mail too often, your subscribers will get annoyed and remove themselves from your list. But if you don't mail often enough, they may forget who you are and delete your emails (thinking your mail is unsolicited)!

Read the CASE STUDY of a website who LOST over 50% of his subscribers within two weeks because he changed the frequency of his newsletters. Don't make this CRITICAL mistake...

Discover how often you can email "promotional offers" to your list without skyrocketing your unsubscribe rate... we'll show you the perfect balance between "free information" and "promotional offers"!

Which strategy is MORE profitable? Selling advertising space in your newsletter? Or promoting affiliate products and sharing the revenue?... The answer is simple: It depends... and I will show you a few "hard and fast" rules to help you decide!
When to charge a "subscription fee" for your newsletter! Sometimes the lure of subscription fees outweighs the advantages of a free newsletter... but knowing how to make this profit model work for your business is key.

... plus, we'll even show you our "failed" Affiliate Newsletter!

We'll show you why NOBODY was reading it (We're a bit embarrassed, but I think it's important you see this), and we'll show you how we turned things around to create a newsletter that is now widely read by all of our affiliates!

This eye-opening case study will give you valuable insights you'll be able to apply to both your newsletters AND your email promotions!

Without these secrets, you too could wind up "burning" through your hard-earned list and ensuring that your remaining subscribers never read your emails again.

The fact is, once a subscriber deletes your newsletter twice, it's a habit -- and they'll probably never read your emails again!

Avoid having 50%-80% of your email TRAPPED by various spam filters...

... Plus, discover how to GUARANTEE every email you send is delivered to Yahoo!,
Hotmail, AOL, and Gmail subscribers!

I recently read an article that estimated 60%-80% of the 135 BILLION email messages sent worldwide every day are spam -- costing US businesses alone over $17 billion in 2005! (Ferris Research)

Unfortunately, because spam is such a problem these days, the industry has been forced to take a "guilty-until-proven-innocent" approach...

... And this means regular business owners like you and me need to be on high alert.

Quite frankly, unless you're paying attention and know the rules to avoid accidentally being labeled a "spammer," it's easy to end up on the "blacklists" of email service providers (like Hotmail, AOL, and Yahoo!) and anti-spam organizations who will block up to 50%-80% of your email from getting to your subscribers.

That's why I insisted that not one, but TWO lessons in our eBook deal with this critical subject step-by-step, and cover such topics as...

Discover the 10 BASIC RULES you must follow to avoid being accused of "spamming"! Without these 10 rules, you are in danger of being shut down by your ISP, being "blacklisted" by the "spam police," and worst of all, damaging your reputation with your subscribers!

Understand common tricks used by spammers (like phishing!) -- so you don't accidentally use them too, and trigger "spam filters"!

Who to contact if your email is accidentally "blacklisted" -- at Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, and more!
How to get "whitelisted" with Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and Gmail -- and guarantee the delivery of every email you send!
The top 10 "blacklist" websites you MUST monitor to make sure your domain (or IP) hasn't been listed as a spammer!
The 3 NEW criteria used by "spam filters" to deliver (or delete) your email -- accreditation, reputation, and email authentication!
How to make sure EVERY email you send obeys the critical laws outlined in the "CAN-SPAM Act" of 2004! (If you don't, you risk serious fines!)
Tips for getting your email subscribers to automatically fight for the deliverability of YOUR email with their email service provider!

How to recognize "spam trap" addresses in your email list -- and fight back against people who will TRY to get you in trouble with "blacklists"!

... and that's just a brief overview.

We're going to give you the education you need to intelligently manage your opt-in list, deal with any potential spam complaints quickly and effectively, and ensure your email is never unnecessarily "trapped" by spam filters.

A lot of business owners are intimidated by these sorts of spam and abuse issues... and as a result, they shy away from email marketing -- depriving themselves of generous sales and profits.

You'll never be in their shoes... Because "The Insider Secrets to Email Marketing -- Version 2006" gives you the education you need to bypass all the headaches...

"Skip the headaches and disappointment...

... Learn to automate your email chores -- BEFORE your conversion rates suffer!"

Here's another common problem business owners frequently face:

Maybe you've experienced this too...

As your business starts to become more successful, your list-management chores start to snowball out of control.

More and more people are asking to be "subscribed" to your newsletter, and keeping track of your "unsubscribes" is getting out of hand.

Keeping your customers separate from your subscribers seems impossible. Can you really do that? And "custom" mailouts to owners of a particular product or to your newest subscribers are out of the question.

How would you split up your list, anyway?

Worse, the more mailings you send, the bigger the problem seems to become. And to your horror, your conversion rates seem to be dropping off, and you have no idea why!

... Unfortunately, these days, list management and "spam issues" go hand-in-hand.

If you can stay on top of your subscribes, unsubscribes, and bounce backs... And if you are careful to remove "duplicates" from your lists and avoid mailing the same customer too many times in the same week... you'll be in great shape.

If you start to get behind in these chores, however, problems can start to pile up very quickly... from angry complaints, to problems with spam filters, to being "blacklisted."

Look, I know "list management" sounds really scary and intimidating to most business owners... That's why I invested a TON of time in our new eBook to this critical topic, breaking it down to its simplest form, so absolutely anyone will be able to read it and know how to...

Add new subscribers to your list the minute they sign up -- automatically!

Unsubscribe people "on the fly," so there's never a backlog -- automatically!

Create separate lists of customers and subscribers for custom mailouts -- automatically!

Collect and store limitless information from new subscribers -- automatically!
Remove "invalid" addresses from your list (like -- automatically!
Protect yourself from "domain bombing" by removing duplicate addresses -- automatically!
Automatically remove "bounce backs" -- once-valid email addresses that have now expired!

... plus much more!

You'll know how to keep your list clean of bad addresses and unsubscribes automatically, so you'll never waste needless hours on these critical chores.

Plus, we're going to help you make sure that you always collect the "right" information from your opt-in subscribers to make sure you aren't wrongly accused of spamming.

(There are THREE critical pieces of information you need to defend yourself... make sure you have these details!)

Advanced secrets even the so-called
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Of course, what I've shared so far really just scratches the surface of the strategies I reveal in "The Insider Secrets to Email Marketing -- Advanced Series."

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Learn how to "piggyback" on the subscription offers of other web sites and add every one of their subscribers to your opt-in list -- for just pennies.

Where to place the website links in your emails -- top, bottom, or middle? we'll show you which positions get the MAXIMUM response!

Why the LAST 60 seconds you spend working on your email can be the most lucrative -- if you know our "last-minute editing" secret!
Discover the common mistake that most advertisers make when purchasing ad space in other online newsletters -- and exactly how you can avoid it!
Use our "Secret Testing Weapon" to almost guarantee the success of every mailing you send! Now you can use the same tools we use to make sure your mailings are error-free before you send them... including our personal "23-Step Mailout Checklist"!

How to recover "lost sales" on every email campaign you send -- using a SURPRISING part of your existing website!

If you're using a confirmed opt-in model, we'll show you a simple technique that will allow you to instantly recover up to 30% of the subscribers who never confirm their subscriptions!
How to TEST whether your emails are profitable... before sending them to your list! Plus, analyze your results and be ready to mail within 24 hours!

Learn how to close 58% MORE sales... by splitting your list into clearly defined groups and sending them targeted promotions!

How to format your emails to be read in "preview panes" -- used by 52% of your readers to decide whether or not to read your ENTIRE email!

The ideal subject line length... plus our secret "A & D" formatting strategy for writing subject lines that get a MASSIVE response!

How you can make $30,000 to $50,000 per month with a free newsletter... even if you don't have a product to sell!*
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Absolutely brilliant stuff in that head of yours."

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* The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

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We can send these tests one afternoon, and by the following morning, we can know exactly which one generated the best results. Then we can take the winning tests, modify them based on what we've learned, and run MORE tests...

In less than 48 hours, I can generate test results and uncover new strategies that would take most small business owners with their lists of 1,000-2,000 subscribers MONTHS to figure out.

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And second, I want to make sure email marketing remains a profitable, cost-effective way for business owners to communicate with their clients... and I realize that the best way to accomplish this is by educating people about how responsible email marketing works and how they can avoid accidentally sending spam.

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And that's why I've literally dumped all of our MOST profitable knowledge, experience, and email marketing expertise into the brand-new "Insider Secrets to Email Marketing -- Version 2006"...

However, like I mentioned, we've spent over 6 years accumulating the knowledge you'll get in this 390-page, jam-packed printable eBook.

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email marketing secrets bookIf you're like most marketers, the BIG 3 (Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail) make up anywhere from 40-60% of your email list.

So getting your email delivered -- NOT filtered as "spam" or "junk" -- to these email providers will be critical to your success.

Like I mentioned earlier, though, a massive shift is currently taking place within the industry... and the content of your emails is no longer what determines whether or not they will be delivered.

Now, email providers are looking at:

1. Your reputation... Do you have a history of spamming? Do your emails generate a high volume of complaints? Do you mail to a lot of "old, expired" addresses? etc. (we'll show you how to establish an excellent reputation by managing these issues, and more!)
2. Your email authentication... Simply put, authentication is an "electronic handshake" between your website and theirs, confirming your identity and proving you are not a "phisher" (someone who sends scam emails with a fake identity). (we'll show you the steps you must take to authenticate your email... it's surprisingly easy!)
3. Your accreditation... Today, there are services that will audit your email practices and certify you as a "legitimate sender". It's a lot like taking a driver's test to prove you're fit to operate a vehicle! (we'll show you who to contact... and what they'll expect from you!)

... And if this sounds difficult or technical, please let me assure you:

Establishing a solid reputation, authenticating your email, and getting your business accredited is surprisingly easy when you know what to do, and who to contact.

We have spent MONTHS researching this...

But you'll get everything you need -- including checklists, step-by-step instructions, and contact information -- in this concise 24-page report!

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make more sales with email marketingImagine closing 20%-50% MORE sales... without lifting a finger.

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In this special 32-page report, we'll give you real-life examples of "working autoresponders" we're personally using right now to close between 30% and 40% MORE sales within 60 days of receiving a new subscriber's email address.

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killer subject lines for your emailsWhat's the first thing people do when checking their email? They scan subject lines and delete messages they don't want to read.

That's why your subject line is CRUCIAL. If it doesn't compel your subscribers to open your email -- or if it's perceived as junk mail (even if it's not) -- your email is instantly trashed!

After years of testing subject lines, we've discovered a handful of winners that beat the rest by HUGE margins... subject lines that consistently get subscribers to open our messages.

Same thing with email messages: We've developed a handful of winning templates that consistently bring in huge profits.

In this Super Bonus Report, you'll receive:

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  • Templates for four "fill-in-the-blanks" Email Promotions..

  • Two Newsletter Templates that you can simply pour your newsletter into, perfectly formatted to help ensure it gets read...

  • Four Professional Letter Templates to help you build your business

  • PLUS access to our private web site where you can actually copy the code we've used to create these templates -- so you can recreate them for yourself in seconds!

... These subject lines and email templates have been created using the SAME campaigns we've used to generate over $3.5 Million last year with email alone.*

And just in case any of our subject lines are "too specific" for your business, we include killer subject lines BASED on these winners, but modified to work for ANY type of business.

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how to send emails to mobile devicesDid you know that over 2 billion consumers currently carry a mobile device with them? Mobile devices now outnumber personal computers 10 to 1! (Air2Web Report)

And while wireless email inboxes currently account for just 1% of all email inboxes, a recent report predicts that by 2009, 1 in 6 inboxes will be mobile! (Marketing Sherpa)

In fact, 53% of international phone users report they've ALREADY acted on a promotion they've received on their cell phone!

Clearly, there's a massive opportunity here... And like with any new technology, those marketers who act EARLY will see the biggest profits.

In this special report, we'll show you:

  • How to start building an opt-in list of mobile readers TODAY...

  • How to send messages formatted specifically to be read on wireless devices! (Not surprisingly, it's different than "regular" email.)

  • Tips for getting a SECOND, "mobile" subscription from your existing list of email subscribers...

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Recently, a savvy group of marketers have been testing a new strategy called "name squeeze"... and getting these kinds of extraordinary results.

In this special report, we'll show you exactly how to test "name squeeze" on YOUR website... How to write an offer that will convert MAXIMUM visitors into subscribers... and we'll show you the tools you need to do it!

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blogs, rss and desktop to desktop technologyThese days, people "stay connected" in a variety of ways...

Yes, email is key -- but they're also reading blogs, getting automated news updates via RSS feeds, and subscribing to personal, desktop updates from their favorite businesses.

So how do YOU diversify your marketing and profit from ALL these channels... without doubling your workload?

Good question! In this special report, we'll take an in-depth look at how you can add blogs, RSS feeds, and direct-to-desktop technology to your business...

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