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Discover dozens of ways to increase your online traffic, yours absolutely FREE!

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"Discover Simple Techniques You Can Use to Dramatically
Increase Your Online Traffic!"

"These are the SAME strategies that I use to drive 57,147 visitors a week to just ONE of my web pages...

... and they're used by hundreds of my wealthiest students every day to drive thousand of
new AND repeat
visitors to their web sites!


From the desk of Derek Gehl
Thursday, 1:58 PM



Dear Fellow Internet Entrepreneur,

Imagine how much money you could make if you had literally thousands of visitors coming to your website each and every DAY...

... like the 57,147 visits I get to just a single ONE of my webpages each week.

And how many extra cash-in-hand shoppers would you be able to bring to your site if you had TOP search engine rankings like mine?

Check it out: I'm #2 on Google out of 444 MILLION competing websites for one of the most competitive keywords ever!

Sound impossible to get traffic results like these?

Well, believe me, it would be, if you tried to figure out how to increase your on-line traffic all by yourself...

"Trying to learn how to increase your website
traffic on your own can be a recipe for disaster!"

See, there's a BIG problem with starting -- from scratch -- to create your own traffic strategy.

There's just so MUCH to figure out, and it can literally take hundreds of hours to learn it all (and meanwhile, you're losing precious dollars because NOBODY can even find your site!)

To create your own system to increase your web traffic, you'd need to learn how to...

  1. Find MAGNETIC keywords that will attract your target audience

  2. Build a website that "pleases" the search engines

  3. Convince dozens of high-traffic sites to link to your site to skyrocket your search engine ranking

  4. Give away free content to increase traffic and credibility

  5. Establish yourself as an industry expert in forums and newsgroups to send targeted traffic right to your door

  6. And LOTS more...

... And all the while, you have to worry about accidentally doing something the search engines don't like, and getting kicked off forever. So much for free traffic!!

And that's just to get people to come to your site for the FIRST time!

You'll STILL have to figure out how to keep them coming BACK -- time and again -- before you'll really make any money!

But fortunately, you don't need to waste HUNDREDS of valuable hours figuring out how to increase your on line traffic...

... because I've already done the heavy lifting for you!

"You CAN have an unlimited stream of new AND repeat traffic rushing to your site day and night...

... and I'm the person who can show you how!"

You're about to discover ALL of the strategies that I, and many of my outrageously successful students (I'll introduce them to you in a second), are already using EVERY DAY to get a steady stream of new AND repeat visitors to our websites daily...

... all with their wallets out and their fingers on the "buy" button!

I've already shown you that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to generating more online traffic, but just in case you're still skeptical, I'd like you to know a bit more about me...

My name is Derek Gehl, and I'm living PROOF that the average person can overcome all of the "odds" and become undeniably successful on the Internet.

After all, I'm just a "regular guy" who helped grow a $25 investment into over $60,000,000.00 in online sales in just a few years!

But not only that...

Over 1.8 million people come to my websites every single month -- to take advantage of my proven strategies. In fact, we have over 235,000 people recommending our products and services to people just like you.

My interviews and articles have been regularly featured by media giants -- like Entrepreneur.com, The Direct Marketing Association, Home Business Journal, Opportunity World, and Money 'N Profits.

I have more success stories than any other online business mentor around -- and as you read a little about some of the success stories in this letter, remember that every single one of them was EXACTLY where you are right now... wondering if they should take that leap of faith.

Here are just a few examples...

"Case studies of successful students who are enjoying lives of luxury and ease, with my help"

"He makes $187,000 a year...
playing video games!"*

Bert Ingley was tired of feeling like his career was controlled by other people... so he took our advice and started an Internet business he was passionate about!

Now Bert works less than 14 hours per week... yet he made over $187,000 in online sales last year teaching people how to play video games!

But the real payoff, Bert says, is being able to spend time with his wife and kids. (Of course, he's pretty excited that he just paid cash for his dream car, too!)

-- Bert Ingley, Florida

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an audio clip of what Bert had to say!

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"This 61-year-old grandmother makes
over $8,500 per month... "*

Barbara Jennings was fed up... Working as a consultant, she found herself on a never-ending financial roller coaster.

So she finally decided to take the plunge and start an Internet business doing what she REALLY loved... giving home decorating tips!

Today, her little web site earns as much as $8,500 per month, and she only works 30-60 minutes per day!

-- Barbara Jennings, California

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an audio clip of what Barbara had to say!

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"From a dismal $340 per month
... to over $1,000,000 per year!"*

When Harry Gilliam bought a small supply business a few years ago, it made a dismal $340 in the first month.

However, after putting together a simple web site and using some of the strategies I recommended, Harry will make between $800,000 and $1,000,000 for 2004... and he expects to DOUBLE that number next year!

Listen to where Harry is living NOW! It sounds beautiful...

-- Harry Gilliam, Washington, DC

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an audio clip of what Harry had to say!

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"Last year, this work-at-home Dad made
with his web site..."*

Family is really important to Mike Putnam, so when his baby son was born, he wanted a flexible income that allowed him to be at home with him...

So Mike followed my system -- and last year his web site made over $2,500,000.00 in online sales! His best month to was over $263,000.00 in sales -- in just ONE MONTH!

Today, Mike is thrilled with the financial AND personal freedoms that his web site give him...

Slow connection? Click here to hear
an audio clip of what Mike had to say!

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"You'll see first-hand how I bring 57,147 new visitors to just ONE of my webpages in only a few days...

... plus learn what DOESN'T work, so you don't waste a single second of your valuable time!"

I've literally stuffed EVERY tip, every strategy, every trick -- EVERYTHING I know about increasing your on-line traffic -- into a brand-new 60+ page eBook, called "How to Dramatically Increase Your Online Traffic."

In my new eBook, you'll learn the secrets to attracting highly targeted, pre-qualified first-time visitors to your site (and by "pre-qualified" I mean visitors who are HIGHLY LIKELY to buy what you're selling.)

But I'm ALSO going to show you how to turn those first-time browsers into regular repeat visitors...

You can build a relationship with them and have MORE opportunities to get them to buy!

But that's not all -- because in "How To Dramatically Increase Your Online Traffic" I also show you exactly what NOT to do when you're trying to get more online traffic!

You'll never again have to worry about innocently doing something to provoke the "big 3" search engines, and have your site VANISH from the free search results -- along with ALL of your hard-earned traffic!

Believe me, it really DOES happen... and it's NOT fun!!

"Discover how to use my traffic secrets to start sending streams of hungry first-time buyers to
YOUR website in the next five minutes!"

For any business that's just getting started -- and even for the more established ones that are still struggling to find visitors -- getting people through the "door" is what matters.

Those first-timers are essential if you want to build your reputation or word-of-mouth buzz, not to mention make your first sale!

So in the first half of "How To Dramatically Increase Your Online Traffic" I'll show you how to get those first-time visitors rushing to your site as quickly and easily as possible.

You'll discover...

. How you can get 100s of high-traffic web sites to link to your web site (for FREE!) and win higher rankings in the "Giant" search engines like Google with your increased "link popularity.
. A simple 15-step blueprint for creating an absolute traffic stampede that will multiply every single day (and it's 100% automated: Set it up once and you're set for life)
. How you too can make $56,736 from your new visitors by following a simple, idiot-proof marketing technique.*

How to attract as many as 10,000 - 15,000 visitors to your web site within one week -- using a little-known promotion technique.*

. The six simple steps to unearthing MAGNETIC keywords that will drive FIVE times the traffic for half the cost of what your competition is paying.
. Five "secret weapon" websites I guarantee your competition hasn't heard of that will create the kind of traffic "feeding frenzy" most website owners can only dream of!
. How to uncover popular keywords 1,000s of people are 'searching' and scoop up these neglected traffic streams before your competitors catch on!
. Seven steps to effortlessly get links from a high-powered, high-traffic websites, even if your website is barely off the ground.

... and that's just for STARTERS!

I'll even show you how you can have tightly targeted traffic RUSHING to your website in the next five minutes! No kidding!!

It's all carefully and clearly explained in "How To Dramatically Increase Your Online Traffic."

"PLUS -- Learn EXACTLY how to keep those visitors coming BACK to buy from you over and over!"

Of course, getting those new visitors streaming into your site is only HALF the battle!

According to a 2006 study by WebSideStory, visitors RETURNING to a website are EIGHT TIMES more likely to make an online purchase than a new visitor!

By encouraging your potential customers to return to your site, you're guaranteed to see your profits soar!

So in the second part of "How To Dramatically Increase Your Online Traffic," I show you...

. 10 simple techniques you can be using TODAY to drive repeat visitors -- and SALES -- directly to your door. These are so simple, you'll be SHOCKED you didn't think of them before!
. The one simple thing you can add to your website that can increase your repeat visitors by up to 82%! I'll even show you the best place on your website to put it!
. 9 special gifts (that don't cost you a PENNY) that you can use to lure your visitors back to your site, over and over!
. Find people who are begging for your products, capture their e-mail addresses, and generate HUGE repeat sales from them -- all within 48 hours!
. How to convert your website visitors into loyal email subscribers (and buyers!)
. How you can take advantage of the typical visitor's appetite for instant gratification to hook them IMMEDIATELY, and keep them coming back for more.
. A revolutionary NEW technology that you can use to GRAB the attention of every one of your site visitors, and instantly turn them into life-long customers.

... and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Remember, these are REAL strategies that hundreds of my students use DAILY to drive swarms of hungry shoppers to their websites...

"Just a few more of my success stories...

... who have created their very own successful Internet businesses using my strategies!"

"She makes $12,000 per month...
from the Big Island of Hawaii!"*

Melanie Boudar lost her job at the age of 50 when the company she worked for was bought out...

She hated the thought of starting over, working for a NEW company -- so she took a leap of faith and started a bed & breakfast on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Today, Melanie's only been in business 6 months -- yet nearly 100% of her bookings come from her web site...

... And she's making $12,000 per month (with $8,000 profit!).

Melanie Boudar

"He's 60 years old -- but he has OVER 30 WEB SITES and he makes over $100,000 per year!"*

Tony Roocroft started his first web site 4 years ago to help increase sales of his gardening products at his offline store in South Africa...

... Today, this 60-year-old gentleman has OVER 30 WEB SITES that make him well over $100,000 per year!

"He made over $113,000 last year with his
yoga web site -- and 63% of that was PROFIT!"*

When Paul Jerard started his first yoga web site, he admits his computer and Internet knowledge was "limited"...

Yet in less than 90 days, he was already making a profit, with over $500 a month in sales!

Today, it takes Paul less than 4 hours per day to run his business... and he made over $113,000 last year -- with over $71,190 in profits! That's a 63% profit margin!

"Why am I giving away these secrets?!"

So why would I be CRAZY enough to give away all my best strategies and secrets for increasing your online traffic?

In a word, I'm selfish!!

Let me explain...

See, if you've been online for any amount of time, you've probably already seen the so-called traffic "experts" who are only interested in getting their grubby paws on your money.

You know the ones I mean...

They sell you shady email lists filled with the names of people who'd never be interested in buying your product in a million years...

They talk you into buying a ton of links pointing to your site -- except they're from junky "link farms" that don't attract ANY traffic...

They try to teach you underhanded tactics to get a high rating on Google or Yahoo -- only to get you permanently booted off the search engines a couple of weeks later...

... And on it goes.

Their tired old tricks NEVER work... and they NEVER have!

But the sad part is that 95% of your fellow entrepreneurs consistently get scammed by these guys!

Frankly, I can't STAND having my good reputation stained by these clowns...

... so to prove to the WORLD that there really ARE some ethical Internet marketers out there, I'm pulling out all the stops, and letting everyone see for themselves that my techniques really are the real deal!

And just to make sure that anyone who wants to evaluate it and come to their own conclusion can, I've priced it at the incredibly low price of $17 -- which frankly is barely enough to even cover the costs of editing the manuscript!

But like I said, I'm selfish and want to prove to everyone that my techniques work, so to make SURE this eBook gets into as many hands as possible, I'm throwing in a whole PILE of FREE bonuses!


“FREE traffic for your website!”

(an $85 value!)

As you can imagine, I'm well connected in this business. And because of those connections, I'm going to get you 85 dollars worth of free advertising.

Imagine what you could do with an extra 85 dollars... all the while getting free traffic to your website.


$50 worth of FREE traffic from Yahoo! Marketing Search Solutions -- the leader in pay-per-click search engines -- at no cost.

Use your $50 worth of free traffic to get your site listed in one of the top 3 spots for ANY keyword, and your listing will appear in Yahoo!, MSN, AltaVista, InfoSpace, CNN, and more.

. $25 worth of FREE targeted traffic from Kanoodle -- Listings in Kanoodle can get you ranked in the top 3 of many major search engines including MSN, USA Today, Fox, CBS, Nascar, The Street, MarketWatch, and more
. $10 Traffic GIFT from FindWhat.com -- another leader in the pay-per-click industry, that will display your listing on Search.com, SuperPages, InfoSpace, AlmondNet, ABCsearch, SearchFeed, MemoLink, and more.



"Advanced techniques to have high-ranking, high-traffic websites thrilled to give you a free link to your website on their homepage"

As you're soon going to find out, getting high-quality links from the "major high-traffic players" in your niche is one of the most important parts of getting a #1 ranking in the search engines.

In this 20 minute bonus webinar, I'm going to show you the exact steps I took to get the high-quality links that shot my website, www.auctiontips.com, up to #2 on Google... in less that 30 days.

Needless to say, if I didn't show you this, you would end up wasting your time (and even burning some pretty important bridges) trying to figure out how to get those links.


"The #1 fatal mistake made by
Internet marketers"

(A $32 VALUE!)

There is ONE single common mistake that is responsible for the downfall of most failed start ups.

And even for those who do succeed, this mistake is the one thing that may be holding them back from far greater success.

In fact, when I fixed this one mistake in my own business, my sales increased by 400%. Immediately.

When you read about The #1 Fatal Mistake Made by Internet Marketers, you’ll understand why so many people overlook this critical error and why it's crucial that you understand how to avoid it right from the very beginning.


"The Marketing Tips Newsletter"

(A $147 VALUE)

When you claim your copy of my strategies for making money online, you'll receive a FREE subscription to our "Marketing Tips" Newsletter (a $147 value, yours free).

Each issue of "Marketing Tips" is jam-packed with tips, strategies, and resources that can help you dramatically increase your online income -- while saving you 100s of hours of time and effort!

For example, in recent issues we've covered topics like...

  • How to start an Internet business... WITHOUT a website!

  • Where millionaires go to freely share their wealth secrets!

  • The HOTTEST products you can sell online TODAY!

  • The best FREE tools and resources you can use to make even more money online
... plus tons more!

"My 1 year, NO RISK, 100%
money-back guarantee"

Look, it's almost impossible NOT to increase you online traffic when you use these strategies, but just in case you're still on the fence, let me reassure you that there's NO risk to try them!

Download the eBook in the next five minutes, and start putting the strategies to use right away. If you find at any time during the next year that they aren't giving you the results you'd hoped for, just tell me, and I'll immediately send back your money.

You can't ask fairer than that...

"Start reading your eBook
in the next 5 minutes..."

The bottom line: I've done the hard work for you. I've spend hundreds of hours figuring out the best ways to increase new and repeat web traffic...

... And what I'm releasing to you are the top strategies -- the ones that get me 57,147 visitors to a single one of my web pages each week.

Isn't it worth $17 to skip the hours and hours of trial and error, the costly mistakes, the risk of being banned by the search engines, to increase your online traffic with techniques that are guaranteed to work?

In just minutes, you can own step-by-step directions showing you EXACTLY how to increase your website traffic, guaranteed -- or I'll give you 100% of your money back, plus you KEEP the FREE bonuses, as my "thanks" for giving it a shot!


Click here to order your eBook right now with our Secure Server. Remember: If you're not thrilled with my three strategies, just let me know within the next year, pay nothing, and keep the $285.00 Super Bonus Package -- that's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.



Call at 604-634-3587 (8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Pacific Time) and mention "publication number LAEB00003SA" to get the discounted price with the free bonuses mentioned above. Outside of business hours please leave a detailed message on the product you are interested in, your call-back number, the best time to call, and the publication number.



Click here to print out an order form to mail or fax your order.


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To your success,

Derek Gehl, CEO
The Internet Marketing Center

P.S. If you don't claim "How To Dramatically Increase Your Online Traffic" today, how WILL you get a #1 ranking in Google, MSN, and Yahoo? How WILL you increase your on-line traffic and get the thousands of visitors a day you need to make SERIOUS profits online?

What I've offered you here is an opportunity not just to jump straight to the top of the top search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo -- but also the chance to turn your one-time visitors into lifetime customers, who come back and buy from you again and again!

P.P.S. With my 1 Year No-Risk Moneyback Guarantee, you can't lose because not only will I give you a complete refund -- I'll let you KEEP the four super bonuses!

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