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From: The Internet Marketing Center Team
Tuesday -- 8:42 am

Dear Friend,

Aaron felt the same frustration you do now.

For him, it was like nails scratching on a chalkboard...

Hearing about other people making piles of money selling bizarre products on unattractive websites on the Internet — while he didn't have the foggiest idea how to get started himself.

Aaron didn't have tons of cash lying around to hire someone to help him learn the ropes. He didn't have the computer skills or the know how either.

But he DID have the DESIRE to live life on his own terms...

One where he didn't have to be at the mercy of his alarm clock every morning...

One where he could have the freedom to work as little or as much as he wanted to, and be able to take MORE than the stingy two weeks per year vacation his boss gave him.

Says Aaron:

"When I started my first website, I had very little money and only a high school diploma to my name. Today, my site generates as much as 5 figures per month!

Thanks to you, my income has grown so much in the last year that I've been able to quit my day job and buy my first car... a Mercedes-Benz!

I'm still learning and growing, but I don't plan on ever having to go back to a regular job again.

This is my definition of 'job security!'

Aaron Bradley with his new Mercedes

If we've been able to achieve this much success with all of the cards we had stacked against us, we know that with your help, ANYONE who is willing to put in the work can do the same."

And no, Aaron is NOT the exception...

... He just one of many beginners who reached out and let us walk him through how to do it.

You Are Missing The One Key Ingredient
You Need To Be Successful?

We know you want to learn how to make money on the Internet — and we're sure you've explored several opportunities to help you get there.

But it's easy to get overwhelmed with information, isn't it?

You could hemorrhage thousands of dollars of your hard-earned savings on Internet marketing how-to products... only to have them sit and gather dust on your bookshelf because you're missing the ONE VITAL PIECE needed to be successful:

Coaching from people who have already DONE what you're trying to do!

You could waste countless hours of your time trying to figure out where to focus your energy and what to do next on your own.

But with someone standing over your shoulder to help you shave hours... days... maybe even weeks... off of your learning curve...

To keep you from getting sucked into the information overload and paralysis analysis quicksand...

And to motivate you, inspire you, and keep you ON TRACK towards your goals of "making it" online...

Your success is GUARANTEED!

(More on our unique guarantee in a moment.)

You see, we've come up with a solution that no other Internet marketing "guru" is doing...

A way for YOU to get:

    1. All of the tools you need to get started quickly and easily, and

    2. The personal, hands-on training and support on how to start and grow your own Internet business in RECORD TIME...

... So you can finally start your own money-making Internet business or take your existing website to new profit-pulling heights, no matter what your level of experience with Internet marketing!

Yes, you'll absolutely get...

THREE Of Our Top Internet Marketing Tools Worth $391.00 — Yours FREE*

First, we'd like to give you FREE ACCESS to three of our top-selling Internet marketing tools for beginners... worth a whopping $391.00!

eBook Pro Business Edition!

The same "point-and-click" ebook software that thousands of self-professed 'Computer Dummies' have already used to compile, publish, and distribute ebooks that steadily pull in $1,000's per week on the Internet!

Regularly $197 — But Yours FREE!
60-Second Salesletters!

Now, ANYONE can create a professional-looking long salesletter... Simply fill in the blanks, click "submit," and out pops a ready-to-go salesletter with all the bells and whistles that's been 100% customized for you... and that you can use to start selling your product online instantly!

Regularly $97 — But Yours FREE!
Hover Ad Creator!

Many people say they find pop-ups and hover ads annoying. But the fact is... THEY WORK! And now, you'll be able to easily create unblockable hover ads and pop-ups in DOZENS of different styles that will pull in opt-ins (the names and email addresses of your website visitors) like crazy!

Regularly $97 — But Yours FREE

YES, it's all software.

NO, you DON'T need to know jack about installing software, HTML, or other tech mumbo jumbo to make it all work for you...

Because we designed each of these products specifically with beginners in mind, so everything is point-and-click easy!

You simply use the password we'll email within the next 5 minutes, log in to the product website, and BOOM.

You have each of these e-business "genies" at your disposal for ONE FULL YEAR.

Within Minutes, You'll Have EVERYTHING
You Need To...

Compile a Moneymaking eBook In a Snap! Easy-to-follow "wizards" walk you through each step of creating your own ebook, so there’s zero guess work. Plus, choose from dozens of professionally-designed ebook templates, images, graphics, and more... or upload your own.
Sell Your Info-Product 24/7, 365 Days a YeareBook Pro's easy "set it and forget it" automation lets the orders flow in while your at the movies, sleeping, or on vacation... the only "work" you ever have to do is check your email and see how much money you've made.
Burglar-Proof Your eBook from Cyber Thieves... Track and "disable" refunded or 'pirated' copies of your ebooks from right inside the software and protect your profits... when people try to share or re-sell your property, the joke will be on them!
Create Text, Audio and Video eBooks! Package traditional "text" ebooks, or even video demonstrations, interactive tutorials, audio interviews, "previews" of text, audio, or video products you sell... and much, MUCH more.
Free Previews, Limited-Time Trials, and More... Offer a free trial or bill your customers pennies or a few dollars for full or partial access to your ebook for a limited time — if they keep it, and you charge their credit card the remaining amount, or simply "disable" their copy using the eBook Pro control panel! It's that easy.
12 Months of FREE, Secure eBook Hosting! Create and easily store UNLIMITED text, video, or audio ebooks of up to up to 1 gigabyte...
  ... Plus much, MUCH more!

And with our 60-Second Salesletters software, you'll also be able to...

bullet Cherry Pick From Our Proven, Eyeball-Grabbing Headlines... Or use the custom headline feature and write your own! (Psst! The success of any salesletter hinges on the first thing your prospects see... your headline! We'll show you how to hook their attention and tractor beam them in to read further.)

Helpful Wizards Painlessly Guide You through each of the 12 simple steps of writing a compelling salesletter... how to identify with your prospect, how to list your main features and benefits, how to add bonuses to help seal the deal, and how to close the sale, and MORE... so you'll never be stuck wondering what to write!

bullet A HUGE Library of Design Elements at Your Fingertips! We're talking 41 background images... 15 types of "order now" buttons... 7 satisfaction guaranteed "seals"... 6 testimonial box designs... 8 different checkmarks and bullets to showcase your product's features and benefits... plus TONS MORE!
bullet One Click Access to Your Personal "Salesletter Archive" where you can easily modify existing salesletters! Change the salescopy or edit the look and feel of your template anytime you like, and BOOM... you've got a brand new salesletter to sell a similar product!
bullet A Potently Powerful "Swipe File" packed FULL of high-performing salesletters that we've used to pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Internet — salesletters that will inspire you to write your own compelling copy... or, feel free to "steal" the ideas you find inside and use them in your own salesletter!

But there's more!

... Because with your FREE copy of Hover Ad Creator, you'll be able to add custom hover ads and pop-ups to your website in as little as 5 minutes — even if you're a certified techno-phobe!

Choose From SIX Unique Hover Ad and Pop-Up Styles that bounce, float, countdown, and more... to instantly GRAB your website visitors' attention and compel them to enter their name and email address — so you can follow up with them by email later and drive them back to you website!
Sell MORE Product To The SAME Visitors by finding out what your key obstacles to selling MORE are... Is your price too high? Did they misunderstand your offer? Was the benefit not clear enough? Use hover ad and pop-up "surveys" to siphon this critical info from your website visitors.
Surprise Your Visitors With "Mystery Gift Offers" that give them a special discount or purchase bonus on the product of YOUR choice. Want to blowout some extra stock? Sales low on a particular item? This can be a great "pick me up" for your sales!
Add Me To Your Favorites! Ask visitors if they'd like to "bookmark this as your homepage" and watch your repeat traffic instantly double as one-time visitors become REPEAT visitors.
Seven Pre-Written Hover Ads You Can Outright Steal... our tried and tested templates for campaigns like: Subscribe To My Newsletter, The Blowout Sale, Make This Your Homepage, 'Evaluate My Website' Survey, and much more... all created by my team of professional copywriters and web designers.
  ... Plus much, MUCH more!

To purchase eBook Pro Business Edition, 60-Second Salesletters, and Hover Ad Creator together, you'd be looking at a price tag of $391.00...

But we want you to have them for FREE as our gift to you.

All You Need To Do To Qualify To Receive This Package Is To Test-Drive Our "Internet Entrepreneurs Club" For 21 Days For The Price Of A Starbucks Vanilla Soy Latte...
Just $3.27

Get Unlimited Hand Holding From Our Experts
To GUARANTEE Your Success

We haven't always been an Internet marketing "guru"...

Just 12 years ago we was making minimum wage, working some REALLY lousy construction jobs — some of which were not only hazardous to our heath, they were dangerous.

We remember what it was like to have a boss who wanted us to clock in exactly 8.5 hours every day... who only allowed us a few weeks vacation per year, and told us exactly when we could and couldn't take them.

We lived paycheck to paycheck — and quite frankly, it sucked.

But then something remarkable happened:

We made a met a couple of key people who were willing to coach us on how to get online quickly and easily and DRAMATICALLY increase our income.

Suddenly, we wasn't just some guy trying to make money on the Internet alone. We had a support team dedicated to making us successful, and it WORKED.

Fast-forward to today, and we're'm just as surprised as anyone to be enjoying the 'Kick Back' Entrepreneur Lifestyle.

We work a few hours each day, but we're not chained to our computer.

We have the freedom to leave it all if and when we feel like it.

And we have MORE FREE TIME than we ever thought possible to spend with our family and friends.

We was fortunate to meet the mentors we did to show us the ropes and help us achieve this level of success.

And today we want to give YOU the same opportunity...

We want to give you access to our team of proven Internet wealth experts...

The SAME experts we entrust our websites to every single day to help you start and grow your own moneymaking Internet business at Warp Speed.

As A Member Of Our Private
"Internet Entrepreneurs Club," Here's
Exactly What You'll Receive:

Membership Perk #1:

Unlimited Access To The Members-Only
'Online Profits Discussion Forum!'

It's easy to feel like an "island" while you're trying to start and grow your own Internet business.

But you're no longer alone!

... Because now, you'll have full access to our private team of Internet business-building experts in the Online Profits Discussion Forum — the cornerstone of our "Internet Entrepreneur Club!"
The sneak peek of our BOOMING Online Profits Forum

Any time of the day or night, simply log into the forum and post questions about starting and growing an online business...

And you'll receive a helpful, personal response from our team with the exact step-by-step instructions you need to move forward with your business immediately.

The experts who will be holding your hand through starting and growing your own online business are professionals who'd normally charge you $275-$500+ per hour for advice if you could contact and hire them OUTSIDE the club (which you can't, anyway).

Don't have an Internet business idea yet? Our team will help you...

Do you already have a website up and running... but it's not pulling in the kind of income you'd hoped? No problem, they can help you with that too.

Because as a member of the "Internet Entrepreneur Club," you'll have some of the brightest Internet wealth experts online today in your corner, including...

bullet Search Engine Marketing Experts who've catapulted our websites to #1 rankings in Google, driving MILLIONS of fresh visitors into our websites!
bullet High Octane Copywriters who've written single salesletters that have generated over $2.5 MILLION for our businesses in less than 3 months.
bullet Email Marketing Geniuses who've create campaigns worth $550,000 in just 72 hours of launching...
bullet Website Design Specialists who specialize in testing fresh design, navigation, layout, audio, and video changes to our sites to increase sales by 10%... 70%... 400% or more!
bullet Affiliate Marketing Experts who know the secrets to locating business partners that can generate HUNDREDS of $1,000s in sales with a single mailing their opt-in list!

... Plus more!

And every one of them is waiting to personally help you make more money with your very own Internet business.

In fact, right now as you're reading this, people just like YOU are getting personal, one-on-one coaching from our team of experts in the Club Forum.

Budding Internet entrepreneurs looking to launch their first websites are asking...

"I really want to start my own Internet business but I have no idea what to sell. Can you suggest a few things for me?"

"I've got a couple of ideas for an Internet business... What do you think? Will these work?"

"I have a really small budget. How can I get started for the least amount of money possible?"

"How can I find a hot product to sell online without shelling out a ton of cash up front?"

"I have a few ideas of what I want to do online... But which ones should I do first? How do I prioritize?"

"I've decided to build my own website, but I have no idea how. Can you suggest some good resources that will walk me through how to do this?"

"I need to hire a web designer, but I have no idea where to find a good one or how much to pay. How can I make sure I don't get ripped off?"

"I'm thinking of buying this new software but I don't know if it's worth the price or not... Is it worth the money?"

... And this barely scratches the surface!

And more advanced Internet entrepreneurs with EXISTING website businesses are busy getting personal feedback to questions like these:

"Why aren't more of my website visitors buying? Can you take a look at my site and tell me what I'm doing wrong?"

"Can I get some feedback on my sales copy? I really need some help coming up with an eyeball-grabbing headline..."

"What are the top 3 things I could do to improve in my website design?"

"How can I score a top ranking in Google and the other search engines... and fast?"

"How can I get more people to sign up for my newsletter?"

"My pay-per-click ads aren't bringing enough visitors to my website... Can somebody critique them for me?"

"How can I set my Internet business on auto-pilot so that I can free up some of my time?"

"I want to write a series of email autoresponders, but I'm not sure where to start. Any suggestions?"

"Be honest with me... Does my website really have the potential to make money online? Or am I just wasting my time?"

... And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Plus, you'll also have the opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs, get their candid opinions, and potentially establish valuable business partnerships!

Membership Perk #2:

60-Minute Tele-Seminars EVERY MONTH With Us...

... And Some Of The Most Brilliant Internet Marketers, Business Leaders, and Multi-Millionaires we Know!

As a member of our "Internet Entrepreneur Club", each month you will be entitled to join us on a LIVE 60-minute tele-conference call...

Where we'll be interviewing people you couldn't normally contact, never mind afford to pay, to learn their most lucrative wealth-building secrets!

You'll have the chance to learn from Internet wealth-building titans like:

Infamous Multi-Million Dollar Copywriter and
Direct Marketing Genius Dan Kennedy

Dan_KennedyKnown for his "no bull" approach to copywriting and direct marketing, Dan Kennedy is the hidden genius behind many TV and magazine ads you've probably already seen...

... Including the world-famous Victoria Principal and Tony Robbins infomercials.

During our interview with Dan, he revealed exactly how he's earning $250,000+ a month with his copywriting and direct marketing secrets...

... And exactly how our Club Members can translate his success strategies into more sales for their online businesses!

Multi-Millionaire John Assaraf,
Featured in the Hit Film and Book "The Secret"

John Assaraf

He is one of the experts featured in the recent hit film and book "The Secret", as featured on Oprah...

... And he's been interviewed on Larry King Live, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, ABC, CBS, NBC Television and more, offering his secrets for applying "The Law of Attraction" to generate extreme wealth.

We recently spent an action-packed 60 minutes interviewing John for all of our "Internet Entrepreneur Club" members.

And he not only explained how he's used The Law of Attraction to build not one but FOUR multi-million dollar companies... and he revealed specifically how Internet entrepreneurs like YOU can apply the secrets he's learned to achieve unstoppable success in business and life!

The Secrets To Making MORE Money Working LESS Hours Than
You Ever Thought Possible, With
Brian Tracy

The #1 most listened to audio author in business and sales success, Brian is a top-selling author of more than 40 books on the psychology of sales and personal business achievement.

... And as a keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses more than 250,000 people at live events each year!

When we interviewed Brian, he revealed the secret time-management strategies that the rich, ultra-successful people of this world use to outperform their competition — in less time, with less overall effort!

It's EASY for Internet entrepreneurs to feel overwhelmed by opportunities and daily tasks... but every Club Member left our call with Brian with a powerful set of "action items" that they were able to begin applying to their businesses *immediately* for greater overall performance!

The Secrets To Making Money Promoting Other People's Products
On The Internet, With Rosalind Gardner

Another recent interview was with maverick affiliate marketer Rosalind Gardner...

Rosalind quit her desk job after years and years of working 9-to-5 to start her own Internet business...

And she's now generating $30,000 to $50,000 every month recommending OTHER people's products on her simple website!

In our interview, Rosalind held nothing back...

Rosalind Gardner

She BLEW THE LID off her most closely guarded "Super Affiliate" secrets behind her immensely profitable business model, including how she managed to skip the learning curve and become SO successful on the Internet SO quickly.

... And there's a new interview each month!

In each interview, we'll help you cherry-pick their most lucrative business strategies and show you how to easily apply them to your own business with lightning speed... duplicating their successes while skipping the costly mistakes.

Plus, you'll NEVER have to worry about miss out on one of these sessions due to a scheduling conflict, because every month we'll mail you an audio CD of the latest call!

Membership Perk #3:

Live Q & A Calls to Answer Your
Most Pressing Questions Instantly!

As an "Internet Entrepreneur Club" member, you also get access to Q&A sessions — calls hosted by our Internet marketing experts!

You'll receive special advance notice of the time and date of the next call, so you can...

Call in, ask your most pressing questions, and get the exact "laser coaching" you need to move past your challenges and build your business with lightning speed!

Membership Perk #4:

A Package Mailed To You Each Month Including
A CD Recording Of The Latest Tele-Seminar,
Plus Our Ultra PRIVATE 'Online Profits Dossier!'

Each month, you'll receive a package containing a CD recording of the latest tele-seminar...

So whenever you're ready to do some work on your Internet business, simply pop the CD into your computer and listen while you work. Or listen in your car during your daily commute.

Plus, you can go back and listen to past workshops at your leisure and at your own speed!

And you'll also find a copy of our private "Online Profits Dossier"...

A p
rivate file for your eyes only, stuffed FULL of even MORE strategies, tips, and techniques you can use to start and grow a profitable Internet business!

The 'Online Profits Dossier" File

Inside, you'll find a summary of all the hottest Internet marketing research, test results, and recommended tools that us and our team of experts have discovered in the last 21 days.

Plus, you'll be among the first to hear about even MORE crucial information on upcoming industry changes, trends, and valuable resources that you can use to build, grow, and SKYROCKET your online business!

Membership Perk #5:

Exclusive Members-Only Discounts On Our Latest
Online Profit Tools And Resources!

You'll also receive deep members-only discounts on our industry-leading Internet marketing products as we release them...

Substantial savings of 20%... 40%... even 50%!...

... Hefty discounts not made available to any of our other customers, subscribers, or the general public!

So as you can see, as a member of the "Internet Entrepreneur Club" you'll receive absolutely ALL of the expert support and hand holding you need to make 2008 your most profitable year EVER.

But Why Just Take Our Word For It?

We've designed the "Internet Entrepreneur Club" specifically for beginners...

... People who want the financial benefits and lifestyle freedom that comes with running their own successful Internet businesses!

You do NOT need to be experienced with computers or Internet marketing to start using the helpful step-by-step coaching from our team of experts to start making a generous online income...

Need proof?

Here are just a few of the success stories that have recently come out of the Club:


So, Can You Afford A Vanilla Soy Latte?

We know you'll be absolutely THRILLED with the support and coaching you'll learn in our revolutionary "Internet Entrepreneur Club."

Do nothing but implement the easy-to-follow stealth strategies you learn in the Club and reap the rewards...

And after 21 days you'll be 'grandfathered' in at the low investment of just $97 per month.

Plus, you'll continue to have unlimited access to eBook Pro Business Edition, 60-Second Salesletters, and Hover Ad Creator... $391.00 worth of our top-selling tools designed specifically to help beginners like you get online as quickly, easily, and inexpensively as possible!


If you find that you're anything less than thrilled with your "Internet Entrepreneur Club" membership, simply send us an email letting us know before your 21-Day Trial is up.

We'll cancel your membership immediately, including access to our three top-selling Internet marketing tools.

And all you'll ever pay is just $3.27.

No questions, no hassles.

So as you can see, there's absolutely NO RISK to you... just hundreds of dollars in free tools, training and support for the next 21 days!

The free software is yours to keep for as long as you continue your membership... If you cancel, you'll have the option of purchasing the software.

How To Activate Your Trial and Claim Your $391.00 in Free Tools Now:

Just $3.27.

It's literally pocket change compared to the WEALTH of Internet marketing expertise, coaching, and hands-on support that's waiting for you inside The Club.

Not to mention that you're getting your hands on $391.00 in FREE products...

Just for giving "The Internet Entrepreneur Club" a risk-free test drive!

So what are you waiting for?

Fill out the form now.

You'll receive your passwords to access eBook Pro Business Edition, 60-Second Salesletters, and Hover Ad Creator within the next 5 minutes...

... Along with instructions on how to take advantage of all of the "Internet Entrepreneur Club" membership benefits you're entitled to!