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company photoAs long as there has been Internet commerce, there's been the Internet Marketing Center.

Since 1996, the Company has provided entrepreneurs with the tools they need to successfully start, build, and grow their own profitable online businesses on small budgets -- using the same methods that the Internet Marketing Center itself has used to generate online revenues approaching $100 million dollars.

Today's online entrepreneurs need more than just a website to be successful. They need techniques to drive targeted potential customers to their sites, knowledge about how to design sites that sell effectively, and Internet-specific marketing strategies that will convert traffic into sales and profits.

Hundreds of thousands of clients and subscribers have implemented our proprietary techniques and used our tools to create sustainable online businesses that generate life-changing income. And they continue to profit from our constant testing and updating.

At any one time, our coaching team is working directly with hundreds of clients as they build web businesses. That "on-the-ground" experience -- along with a mailing list of almost 600,000 subscribers and an array of our own websites -- strategically positions the Company to test, analyze, and forecast the fast-changing world of Internet marketing.

Our industry-leading products include:

  • The best-selling Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet course -- the most comprehensive Internet marketing guide available, it has been the best-selling Internet marketing course on the Web for over 10 consecutive years.
  • World-class Internet marketing training services Our elite team of Internet marketing experts works closely with entrepreneurs to help them build and grow lucrative online businesses, both on the Internet and on eBay. Clients receive IMC's proven tools, techniques, and advanced strategies through one-on-one, custom-tailored training programs that are designed to meet their own personal goals.
  • A variety of industry-leading software, including a complete Internet business-builder, and a secure electronic information packaging and distribution tool.
  • Specialized subscription products including: monthly reports, webinars, and magazines; forums giving members access to personalized attention from experts, and libraries of essential resources.

We're proud to be providing inspiration to the thousands of online entrepreneurs who rely on our training materials and software every single year -- from the complete newbies to the top business experts on the Web today.

Company History

The Internet Marketing Center is a privately held corporation with offices in the US and Canada.

The Company was founded in 1996 by world-renowned online marketing expert Corey Rudl. A pioneer at developing unconventional marketing techniques for the new online medium, Corey created the best-selling Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet course -- and the Internet Marketing Center.

Tragically, in June 2005, Corey passed away. Derek Gehl, who had worked closely with Corey from the earliest days, took over as CEO from 2005 to 2009, and continued Corey's legacy of creating Internet success stories.

The Internet Marketing Center has evolved into a team of experienced professionals who work with startups and established online businesses, and constantly test the latest theories to find out what works and what doesn't. These experts have turned what we do into a science -- making the Company the most comprehensive source of expert up-to-the-minute Internet marketing education, tools, and support.

All our products and services are tailor-made to increase success rates for the small- and home-based-business owners -- and decrease the time it takes to achieve those results.


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