Residual Income With Online Business

Generate residual income with online business ventures -- and earn money around the clock!

You may have heard that earning residual income with online business ventures can be very lucrative. If so, you heard right!

Residual income is created when a single product keeps generating revenue with little or no extra work on your part!

When you earn royalties on a book you wrote, that's residual income. If you sell a renewable product like printer toner online, when the customer runs out and reorders, that's residual income with an online business.

In both cases, you've already created the product or procured the customer, and you don't need to put much more effort into selling that product.

If you sell a service, on the other hand (online or offline), you earn money in exchange for doing a set task. Once that task is complete, income generated from that source ends. In order to earn more money, you have to complete another task.

The main disadvantage is that you are always limited by your time and energy. You can only take on so many jobs, because there's only so much time in a day!

But tack on some residual income sources -- or make residual income with online business ventures your main source of revenue -- and you're suddenly free to earn money around the clock.

So how can you generate some residual income with online business ventures?

You can...

  • Join a two-tier affiliate program. Promoting other companies' products for a commission on sales is a quick way to earn money online. But when you join a two-tier affiliate program, you also earn money whenever affiliates YOU recruit refer sales.

    Learn how to create online income with affiliate programs.

  • Sign up with Google AdSense. If you have a website that attracts a decent volume of traffic, you can earn residual income by displaying Google AdWords ads on your website. Whenever one of your visitors clicks on one of your ads, you earn a small profit.

    Read more free tips on making money online with Google AdSense.

  • Sell the resell rights to a product you own. If you've developed your own product -- say an eBook, software, or physical product you own the rights to -- consider allowing other people to sell it. There are a ton of ways to make money online selling information with resell and reprint rights and master licenses.

You can also create residual income with online business ventures by choosing to sell products that are refillable. Products like vitamins or printer toner that will eventually need to be reordered are perfect examples.

These are just a few ways you can make residual income with online business ventures. To get our comprehensive system for starting and growing a wildly profitable online business, including the most effective ways to make money online, visit

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