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This savvy mom turned her decorating frustrations into $15,000 A MONTH online business!

My revenues went from $3,000 a month to $15,000 a month. It was like night and day. The amazing thing is, I don't have to spend more than a couple of hours a day running the whole thing!

IMC's "Insider Secrets" Course is simply the most comprehensive guide out there to getting started. You won't find that depth of information anywhere else.
Jennifer Thoden


He's been able to quit his day job and buy his first car, a Mercedes-Benz... at age 22!

I started my website back in 2005 when I was just 19 years old. I had very little money and only had a high school diploma to my name.

Today, my website generates as much as 5 figures per month.

I've been able to quit my day job and buy my first car... a the age of 22! This is my definition of 'job security!'
Aaron "Beats" Bradley


His online business brought in more than $90,000 - in the first six months!

Our first week we made a profit of more than $5,000 - and in less than six months online, the business grossed almost $92,000!

My product is delivered automatically, so I can run my business from anywhere in the world. I've finally got the freedom that I always desired from working for myself.

IMC was the main driving force behind my copy! The course materials lay it all out step by step.
David Berriman


* Earnings Disclaimer

Here are just a few of the hundreds of
letters I've received from people like you...

... People who started with nothing, and
are now making $1,000s -- even MILLIONS
of dollars each year
-- using this course:

"Last year, I did $500,000 in sales -- and hit my
3-year goal to buy an exotic sports car (a Corvette!)

Noah was struggling financially. He'd just gotten married... his new wife was pregnant... and he had no disposable income for his growing family.

So he used the Insider Secrets course to build a simple website, with a few links and a basic shopping cart.

Within 4 months of launching the website, he was making $8,000 per month. And last year, his sales topped $500,000.

So not only can Noah now support his growing family, he just bought his dream car -- an exotic racing Corvette!

-- Noah Weider, California

And here are pictures of Noah's brand-new car!

Testimonials for Internet Marketing Course - Insiders Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet       Best Internet Marketing Course Testimonial

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"He makes $187,000 a year... playing video games!"*

Bert Ingley was tired of feeling like his career was controlled by other people... so he took my advice and started an Internet business he was passionate about!

Now Bert works less than 14 hours per week... yet he made over $187,000 in online sales last year teaching people how to play video games!

But the real payoff, Bert says, is being able to spend time with his wife and kids. (Of course, he's pretty excited that he just paid cash for his dream car, too!)

-- Bert Ingley, Florida

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"Internet dentist is making
$20,000.00 per month!"*

(He's on track for $250,000.00 this year!)

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

The training that you have provided will have a lasting effect on me. You have taught me HOW to fish... as opposed to giving me a fish!

Over the course of just a few months, revenue soared to $20,000.00 per month!

Thanks to you, we're on track to do $250,000.00 this year!

(That's a 2,000% increase in sales since last year.)


Now, if someone types "affordable dentures" in Google, my site is ranked #2... and in Yahoo! we're ranked #4, which is awesome! My site now gets about 6,000 visitors a month and I've even built up a mailing list of about 1,600 people.

There are 35 million denture wearers in North America, so the prospects are huge!

I have found your Internet marketing training invaluable, and I look forward to continued involvement with the Internet Marketing Center.

I'm now making more money than I ever thought possible.

I *highly* recommend this program to others!

Ted Carson
Internet Denturist

"This 59-year-old grandmother makes
over $8,500 per month..."*

Barbara Jennings was fed up... Working as a consultant, she found herself on a never-ending financial roller coaster.

So she finally decided to take the plunge and start an Internet business doing what she REALLY loved... giving home decorating tips!

Today, her little web site earns as much as $8,500 per month, and she only works 30-60 minutes per day!

-- Barbara Jennings, California

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"We've used this course as our blueprint to
grow the business to $500,000 per year!

-- David Gray, Australia

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BEFORE, she was living on welfare
with 2 young children...

... Today, she's making $300,000+ per year,
and lives on the Gold Coast of Australia!*

SEO Success TestimonialsBefore I read the Insider Secrets course, I was living on welfare with my 2 young children in a poor class community on the outskirts of Sydney.

I was basically fed up and depressed because I'd tried to start all sorts of businesses but I wasn't having any success. I knew there had to be a better way...

That's when I found the Insider Secrets course. Using all that valuable information, I built my first website which now brings in $300,000 per year in sales, on average!

Now, I'm using it again to start my SECOND website, which has already sold 215 eBooks and has 1,202 subscribers... and it's still in its early days!

The most exciting part about having these online businesses is waking up every morning and seeing all the orders sitting in my mailbox (they come from the USA, and I live in Australia!). I still haven't got over that... it's become a bit of an addiction to check my mail as soon as I get up in the morning!

And the business practically runs itself!

If going from depending on welfare, living in a poor class community in the outskirts of Sydney, to living on the Gold Coast in Australia the biggest tourist destination in the country doesn't spell out how much this course has changed my life, I don't know what will!

If you have the opportunity to get hold of the "IMC" course, don't waste any more time listening to people such as your friends that are not doing so well financially.

Just do it, take action, and reep the rewards.

Larissa Carrus

"From a dismal $340 per month
... to over $1,000,000 per year!"*

When Harry Gilliam bought a small supply business a few years ago, it made a dismal $340 in the first month.

However, after putting together a simple web site and using some of the strategies I recommended, Harry will make between $800,000 and $1,000,000 for 2004... and he expects to DOUBLE that number next year!

Listen to where Harry is living NOW! It sounds beautiful...

-- Harry Gilliam, Virginia

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"Last year, this work-at-home Dad made
with his web site..."*

Family is really important to Mike Putnam, so when his baby son was born, he wanted a flexible income that allowed him to be at home with him...

So Mike followed my system -- and last year his web site made over $2,500,000.00 in online sales! His best month to was over $263,000.00 in sales -- in just ONE MONTH!

Today, Mike is thrilled with the financial AND personal freedoms that his web site give him...

-- Mike Putnam, Utah

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"I made over €343,100.72 in 2005...

... and took my wife to Morocco to
celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary!"*

Seo Training Success TestimonialsBefore I got involved with the Internet Marketing Center, I was broke after marketing my dyslexia games set offline. I had a big offline newsletter database and an expensive printed newsletter, but I couldn't cover my advertising costs.

I had three kids in school and university and I was looking for a way to turn the business around, so in March 2002 I went online using the Insider Secrets course.

It changed everything. Sales for 2005 were €343,100.72 with over 9,578 subscribers and 1,500 visitors to my website every day. In January 2006, we did €70,000... that's just one month!

Today I don't have to worry about paying bills and the state of my marriage. Emotionally my self-management skills and self confidence have improved. I have become a more capable leader and innovator. I'm more aggressive and goal orientated.

My biggest "problem" is whether to buy a new BMW 3.3 or a Subaru Forrester Turbo with soft leather upholstery.  My wife won't let me buy a Porsche -- tough life isn't it! ;-)

I even took my wife to Morocco to celebrate our 31 wedding anniversary.

Anybody, even a 13-year-old, could use the strategies in this course. IMC helps, encourages, motivates, and exhilarates. But you still need to take action!

Joe Kennedy

"Last year, we increased sales by over $1 MILLION
... that's a 1,500% jump in turnover!"*

--Neil Willis, Australia

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"Self-employed dance teacher makes
$11,102.89 -- in less than 48 hours!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

I have MORE good news!

Within just 12 hours of launching registration for my fall dance classes, 71 students have signed up! Boo-yah!

That's $11,102 in less than 12 hours -- all generated 100% online!

Not bad for one day, eh?

I paid for ALL my class expenses on my first day. Everything else now is just profit.

I've never been so excited!

successful online business

If a self employed dance teacher like myself, only focusing on people in my local area, can pull in these kind of numbers after ONE mailing -- in the middle of the night -- then ANYONE can do this.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Byfield
National Tap Dance & Hip Hop Instructor

"Money still goes in the bank,
even while I'm away on holidays...

... I made £12,000.00 while
away on a Caribbean cruise!"*

-- Mark Bowden

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"He makes $10,000.00+ per month
... and he's just getting started!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun learning anything in my life!

Making and optimizing websites is now my ultimate hobby... I love it!

I re-do exactly what I have been taught and come up with another stream of income.

I spend less than 4 hours per week testing and tweaking my site now and the sales just keep rolling in!

I am now receiving over $2,500 dollars per week in online sales and anticipate that I will double my sales to over $5,000 per week by the end of the month!

seo testimonials

I often brag about your program to my friends. Without your help, I would have never dreamed of having such a lucrative "extra" income!

Darren Salkeld
Northern Goose Down Inc.

"We expect to exceed $1 Million in sales this year...

... And we started from a part-time
hobby farm, selling in our front yard!"*

testimonials for best Internet Marketing CourseFinancially, my husband and I were struggling. My husband manufactures cedar garden furniture and we were trying to sell it locally, but the business was seasonal (so we didn't have a reliable, steady income).

I started looking for ways to grow the business, and that's when I found the Insider Secrets course.

Today, you can find our website on page 1 of most major search engines. (We're ranked #2 in Google for "adirondack chairs" out of over 2 million websites.)

And every summer for the last three years, we end up 9 weeks backordered for our products and have to shut down all our advertising completely! We spend very little on pay-per-click advertising now and our traffic is steady. 

I associate much of our success with the Insiders Secrets course, which gave me so much information that I have only implemented a small portion of the great ideas in these two huge binders...

We have come a long way from a part time hobby farm in the country, selling in our front yard, to a full-fledged manufacturing plant that operates year-round and sells globally.

We expect to exceed a million in sales this year -- which is a long way from our original $34,000 per year when we started just 6 years ago. 

For the first time in my life I am able to travel and see the things I only dreamed of before -- and the best part of it all is that I can spend an entire day hiking across mountain tops or sailing across the ocean while back home the sales are still coming in without a salesman in sight. What a life! 

The Internet Marketing Center is the cornerstone of my online marketing foundation!

Thank you!

Karan Kinder        

"He made $23,000 in sales -- in
his FIRST 4 months!"*

-- Myron Golden, PA

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"It doesn't matter that he's Hungarian
and his English isn't perfect..

... He now makes $2,000-$3,000 per month!"*

Jozsef Pal spent a lot of time trying various Internet courses and tools that promised to help him make money online -- but it wasn't until he stumbled across my system that his business really took off!

Today he makes between $2,000 and $3,000 per month --with just this one web site alone!

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an audio clip of what Jozsef had to say!

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"This work-at-home mom now has
EXTRA cash for luxuries...

... Like TWO new cars and vacations!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

Thanks to your team, I now have a complete website of my own running online -- and MAKING MONEY!

It is absolutely AMAZING!

My site has been running for only 4 months and I have had over 7,500 unique visitors to my site, 300 opt-in subscribers and 62 e-book sales.

I'm finally working from home with my two-year-old son!

And I'll never worry about being fired, let go, or laid off -- ever again!

testimonial for seo

seo successI've even bought TWO brand-new vehicles... and I'm taking vacations that would not have been possible without the IMC mentor program.

I now have the extra money I need for my family to enjoy the small luxuries in life.

Taura Gannon

"He makes over $1 Million (USD) per year
-- with an 85% profit margin!"*

Fitness guru Chad Tackett was doing okay on his own, running an online health and fitness site. But it wasn't until he started using my system that he was able to take his business to the next level...

Before using my system, Chad had spent three years of trial-and-error in order to get 5,000 paid members to his site. After using my system, Chad's membership skyrocketed to over 50,000 paying members in over 60 different countries!

Even better, he's generating sales of over $1 million per year -- with an 85% profit margin!

-- Chad Tackett, Oregon

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an audio clip of what Chad had to say!

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"I'm already making between
$4,000-$5,000 per month...

... and I just started 3 months ago!"*

-- Mike Herberts

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"She makes $12,000 per month...
from the Big Island of

Melanie Boudar lost her job at the age of 50 when the company she worked for was bought out...

She hated the thought of starting over, working for a NEW company -- so she took a leap of faith and started a bed & breakfast on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Today, Melanie’s only been in business 6 months -- yet nearly 100% of her bookings come from her web site...

... And she’s making $12,000 per month (with $8,000 profit!).

successful internet marketing

Letter from Melanie...

"I bought a copy of [your] "Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet" course... The results were amazing!

As soon as I opened my doors I began running a profit -- I was able to cover all of my expenses with my booking deposits.

I can’t tell you how exciting it was for me to watch as click-throughs and sales soared. I was hooked!

I have no employees other than myself... [and] my site brings in somewhere between $8,000-$12,000 a month. Approximately $5,000 to $8,000 or 2/3 of that is pure profit.

It has the potential to do about $16,000 per month!

I am really pleased with these figures considering I have only been open for six months. Running this business is exciting for me!"

Melanie Boudar

"He made over $113,000 last year with his
yoga web site -- and 63% of that was PROFIT!"*

When Paul Jerard started his first yoga web site, he admits his computer and Internet knowledge was "limited"...

Yet in less than 90 days, he was already making a profit, with over $500 a month in sales!

Today, it takes Paul less than 4 hours per day to run his business... and he made over $113,000 last year -- with over $71,190 in profits! That's a 63% profit margin!

Letter from Paul...

secrets to successfully marketing your business on the internet

"Your suggestions tripled our sales overnight! We went from $3,000 a month to $9,700 the following month!

Today, business has taken off to $15,000.00 per month, and I know we will be doing better when the site has a facelift and is fully automated.

I always recommend to all of my friends... I say, "Get your hands on The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet."

Those two binders and CDs are full of information to put your business on the fast track. We always refer back to them.

Thank you!"

Paul Jerard

"Last month, he made $78,000..."*

After attending one of our seminars in Las Vegas several years ago, Tony Baker was inspired to get serious about making money online...

Fast forward to today: Tony is raking in anywhere between $40,000 and $80,000 every month! And suddenly, his "little business" has 750 clients and 23 employees...

-- Tony Baker, California

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an audio clip of what Tony had to say!

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"This 23-year-old guitar player made
$200,000 last year from his spare bedroom...

... and he only works 2 hours per day!"*

At the age of 23, Chris Elmore found himself stuck in a dead-end job, making just $9 per hour...

So he decided to take his passion for music and start a web site that teaches people how to play the guitar.

Boy, have things turned around for Chris!

Last year alone, his web site made over $200,000 in sales -- and it takes him just 2 hours per day to run his web site from the spare bedroom of his brand new home!

Even better, Chris has now started a SECOND web site that made a profit of $14,000 in the first month it was launched! (

secrets to marketing your business on the internet

Letter from Chris...

"I was only selling two to three books per week at about $5 profit, so it didn't take me long to realize I needed to come up with a new strategy if I was going to stay in business.

That was when I came across your name...

Now, I'm not a person who is easily sold, but something about what you said struck a cord with me. I went straight to your web site and bought the Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On the Internet. I put Guitar Tips online and tested it. It took off immediately!

My customers received my product in five minutes, not five weeks (via regular post). Gone were my printing costs, stocking costs, and editing costs.

Suddenly, I was making 100% pure profit.

I've never looked back.

I love having my own company, I love calling the shots. I go to work when I like, I make my own decisions, and I operate my business on my own terms, but most of all -- I have the power to take care of others.

So many people come to me with new schemes or ideas... My advice: keep it simple, have a realistic plan, create an awesome product, and buy the course!

It has changed my life completely! Thank you!"

Chris Elmore

"He made over $100,000 in his first year!"*

-- Jay Jacobs, New Jersey

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an audio clip of what Jay had to say!

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"He's 60 years old -- but he has OVER 30 WEB SITES
and he makes over $100,000 per year!"*

Tony Roocroft started his first web site 4 years ago to help increase sales of his gardening products at his offline store in South Africa...

... Today, this 60-year-old gentleman has OVER 30 WEB SITES that make him well over $100,000 per year!

Letter from Tony...

happy customers, best internet marketing course

"My online business has created a new life for me! I have the freedom to do what I like without having to worry about making a living just to survive.

And the money has allowed me to buy my own office just 300 yards away from my home, rather than have to rent one.

Of course, I've always been a workaholic, so my life hasn't changed much in that sense. I could have easily created a lot more free time for myself with the extra money I earn, but I enjoy what I do and don't really see this as "work."

But if I choose to, I can go away for weeks without worrying about the business coming to a halt.

Last August, for example, my family and I spent three weeks in North America. We had a week at Disney World in Florida and then did a cruise to Alaska from Vancouver.

And I never even checked my e-mail the whole time I was away!

All in all, it has been challenging but immensely enjoyable work. I'm now 60 years old, which proves that age isn't a barrier to success on the Web."

Tony Roocroft

"These strategies increased my sales 3,000%...

... I now make over $100,000 per year!"*

-- Kelly Monaghan, Connecticut

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"He quit his day job in FOUR WEEKS... and
he's made $120,000 in the last 6 months!"*

Within four weeks of starting his first web site, Len Foley was able to quit his day job... for good!

And his web sites have made more than $120,000 in the last 6 months alone...

... That's an amazing return for someone who says he was a "computer dunce" when he started his first Internet business!

Letter from Len...

internet marketing training

My first site took almost a year to create (that was before I got your program), but now, I can create a web site in less than 24 hours and have it churn out many thousands of dollars in a few days.

By the way, I can't tell you how many people said I was crazy for buying your program. But these people are still working the same MISERABLE jobs they had when I started out!

People can get pretty suspicious about things they don't understand. And not many people understand how money is made on the Internet. But your programs are a great place to start!

I was shocked the very first time I made a sale online!

I couldn't believe it. A week later, I was making four or five sales a day and I was dumbfounded. I thought, "You mean all the stuff I read about in IMC's books really works?

You bet it does! Thanks..."

Len Foley

"Over 70% of our business is now
generated on the Internet...

... We'll do over £600,000 this year!"*

-- Keith Milsom, UK

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an audio clip of what Keith had to say!

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"Just one simple change DOUBLED his sales...
he made $60,000 last year part-time!"*

Shawn LeBrun only works part-time on his fitness web site... less than 20 hours per week!

Yet last year, he made over $60,000... and 90% of that was PURE PROFIT!

Letter from Shawn...

search engine optimization

“I read The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet. That gave me some great ideas for writing copy and setting up my site to really sell to people.

The chapter on setting price points alone allowed me to change the price of my program from $17 to $37, and double my sales!

I've also used the course to better understand what I need to focus on to grow my business.

“Insider Secrets” is the first investment anyone should make in their Internet businesses.

It will shave off years of trial and error time, and will also save you a lot of money in the long run, by preventing you from making the kinds of mistakes Corey and Derek made as Internet marketing pioneers.

I can't emphasize that enough. Learn from this system and you’ll be so much further ahead.”

Shawn LeBrun

"It's just magic... Using this course, we've grown
our business to over $1,000,000 per year!

--Hans Jakobi, Australia

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an audio clip of what Hans had to say!

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"I'm already making $3,000 per month
working part-time, and I've just started!

--Jackie Durnin, Australia

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"He makes over $90,000 per month
... with an absolutely BIZARRE business!

Preston Reuther has a VERY bizarre business...

Isn't that crazy?

His web sites now make over $90,000 per month... That's over $1,000,000 per year!

Letter from Preston...


After listening to you speak at your seminar, then reading your course, I now use about 75% of the techniques in the course and my sales are up to $90,000 EACH MONTH -- very consistently!

And our newsletter now has over 300,000 subscribers -- boy the tricks you taught me here really proved to be the best investment I ever made, since these newsletters bring in lots of cash each week!

We have so many orders weseo training testimonials had to move the business from our home to a giant warehouse to hold all of our products. You have helped me create a sales machine that just wont stop selling!

The information I got from your course has been truly life changing as you can see. I could have never grown to this without a computer and your course. After learning all these trade secrets in the course, I feel I could market anything online given the opportunity.

Thank you.

Preston Reuther

"Now, he makes a six figure income -- from
the comfort of his 4,000 square foot home!"*

"I would personally like to thank you... Since I started my online business in 1996, I have made MILLIONS [plural] in those 8 years!

Because of your guidance, for a minor cost of $200 -- the bargain of the century as far as I am concerned -- our business and family have prospered!

Today we live in a 4,000 square foot home, which includes our offices.

testimonials for internet marketing course from the Internet Marketing Center

We have 6 cars -- all paid for -- and money in the bank and some other nice "toys."

My commute in the morning is 50 feet... compared to 90km each day before I quit my job. I make a six figure income and now have the experience and knowledge to take that even further.


For those of you new and wondering... can I make it online in business? You Bet.

I have no formal schooling, no MBAs, no doctorates, zip, zero natta... yet I made it because I worked hard and smart and listened to those that are successful online and applied what they knew... and kept at it."

Thank you!

David & Brigitte Belton

"They made over $1,000,000 USD
last year from Ireland!"*

"While we haven’t yet met each other in person, your influence has extended deeply into all aspects of our business over the past 2-3 years...

... and I’d like to personally thank you for that.

The whole resource that you have made available to us over the years -- it really is cracking good stuff!

internet business success story

We experienced significant growth over the last twenty-four months and in particular, the last twelve months.

We have seen our turnover increase from just under US$100,000 back about three years ago to in excess of US $1 MILLION last year!

But in truth, it’s not just about the money.

You have also given me the necessary tools to handle the major expansion that the web has brought to our business and allowed me the luxury of being able to finally sit back and enjoy the wealth that it has helped to create for me – and that is what I want to thank you for most of all.

Best wishes from Ireland!"

Rory McLoughney

"He turned his wine-making hobby into $300,000
per year... and he started from his SHED!"*

"My name is Brant Burgiss. My father and I started a small winemaking supply shop in the tiny mountain community of Laurel Springs, NC...

We were working out of a small building on our farm that only months before had served as our tractor shed.

We had no idea of what might happen; we were just hoping to sell enough equipment and wine kits to break even and support our new hobby of making homemade wine.

In early summer 2000, I found your book entitled “Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet”.

I got so excited because you were revealing all the great marketing secrets and online strategies that had made you so successful!

seo training

Over the next two years, we experienced a 300% growth in our business.

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve expanded our building twice, added 3 wholesale locations (TX, GA, and NC), built a warehouse and even started a winery!

My hat is off to you and the nice folks at the Internet Marketing Center. You have my respect and my undying gratitude.

Brant Burgiss

"He now has #1 listings on Google...
and he makes $7,000+ per month!"*

Since I started in May of 2004, my sales have gone from $2,000 per month to $7,000 per month -- and my income is now increasing by $500 per month!

My visitors have gone from 20 per day to over 100 per day.

Keep in mind that I had virtually no search engine rankings when I started the program, and now on my best terms (and they are very competitive terms), I am #7 on Google, and I have several search terms where I have a #1 listing!

I can now honestly say that I will use the tools I have learned to develop additional web sites and create even more income!

This program WILL help anyone who wants to make money on the Internet!

Ron Kramer

"He ALREADY has 40 clients, each
paying him $300 per month...

... And he's ranked #4 in Yahoo!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

In just two months I have over 500 email subscribers to my newsletter. I also have over 40 clients paying me $300 each per month each to coach them on how to be a better advisor.

Within one month I was ranked number 4 on Yahoo in one of my niche categories. My site already attracts an average of 1500 unique visitors per month. If this is the beginning, I can't wait to see the future!

I am now getting closer to building a legacy for my children.

Thomas Marshall

"His website now generates
2,000% MORE phone sales leads...!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

I started with nothing... I didn't have a single website to my name.

Now, I have two websites effectively up and running providing me with more client applications than my staff and I are able to process at this time.

I used to feel great if I could get 50-60 people per week to call my office so I could offer them my service.

Now, in only a couple short months I have 1,368 completed applications in my e-mail inbox, waiting for me to review because I haven't been able to keep up with them.

I am in need of bringing on new staff to handle the volume of application traffic we now have as a result of marketing online.

What a fun problem to have!

Dan Ostler
New Horizons Financial Group Inc. / Consultant

"He's ALREADY sold 136 eBooks...
and his website is automated!"*

Dear Internet Marketing Center,

Just a quick update to tell you I sold 54 eBooks in August...

Up from 41 last month!

I even sold a few last week while I was away on vacation!

People seem to really like the e-book as well. I've had 0 returns out of 136 e-books sold. I hope to keep this up.

While I'm at work, I sell e-books... While I'm at church, I sell e-books... While I'm enjoying my family, I sell e-books!

successful online business promotion

It is a perfect business model for me and my schedule!

You guys really have all it takes to transform a novice business person into a professional in just a few short months!

Matthew Woodbury
5th Generation Jewelry Design Artist

"In just 4 days, he can make enough to
take his family to Disneyland!*

A quick update on my progress for you:

Today, my Internet business is growing faster than ever.

I just checked my subscriber list and I have 5,664 newsletter subscribers! I probably average 20 new sign ups per day... and I see every single one as future money in the bank!

online business promotion

For example, about two months after I joined the program, my family went to Gatlinburg, TN for a short vacation. I assumed the business would stop working while I was on vacation. I was WRONG!

You know what happened during those 5 days? Sales kept coming in and subscribers kept signing up!

Knowing what I know now, I can send out an e-mail promotion for a $650 product and in four days pay for a trip to Disneyland.

Before joining the program, I had spent several thousand dollars trying to figure this all out by myself...

In fact, the WEEK before I joined, I'd spent $1,000 on a mass e-mail marketing campaign that was worthless.

Now I can send out my own e-mail promotion to my own subscribers for $0!!!

My sincere thanks...

Phillip Rye

"It's very practical... I don't see how you could fail!"*

-- Kay Gugliotta, UK

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an audio clip of what Kay had to say!

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"Internet Marketing Center gives you a proven system...

Why reinvent the wheel -- you can just do
what's ALREADY been proven to work!

-- Kim Rhodes, California

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"We're making $7,700 per month
with our website in New Zealand!"*

successful strategy for internet marketing "When I purchased the Insider Secrets course, my husband and I had no income except a bit of capital from selling a rental property.  Emotionally we were sick of being landlords and wanted to start a business with no staff or premises.

Today we have an AWESOME Internet business.  In just 18 months we've gone from no clients or traffic to earning $7,700 a month with over 16,000 unique visitors and 93,000 page views!

We are paying all our bills and now make enough money to live off the business without the 2 of us having to get other jobs.  We are so happy! We work the hours we want and we take time off whenever we want. 

I see my friends with normal businesses with staff and leases and they are so stressed -- not us!

We're finally on our way to making BIG money with NO stress.  Here in New Zealand, the Internet is only just starting to gain popularity and there is just so much opportunity everywhere you look. 

We're just about to purchase a massive motorhome and we're going to move into this and travel around New Zealand while building another new web site -- how fantastic is that!

Since starting our business, I can't believe how many people we've met who have said they were going to build an Internet business, too... but they never did.  They have so missed out!"

Sandra Tanner

"I'm ALREADY making $7,500 per month --
and I've just started using this course!

-- Shawn Carlson, Rhode Island

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an audio clip of what Shawn had to say!

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"Every year, I purchase the updated version...

... It's STEP #1 for success on the Internet!"*

-- Jim Cockrum, Indiana

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"Her parrot web site makes $100,000 per year!"*

"The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet has been a great tool for me. It is a very comprehensive course.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to start an online business!

It's excellent to review periodically and pick up the things that I may have missed or been too busy to do at the time.”

Taylor Knight

"I recommend this course to all my friends..."*

-- Barbara Davis, New York

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"We increased our website traffic to
over 100,000 visitors per month!

-- Davey Greeves, UK

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"He makes over $150,000 per year
with his automated website!"*

promote your online businessI read the Insider Secrets course, looking for ideas to grow my existing business. But after reading the manual, I started thinking about a digital product website that was completely automated. 

I took the ideas I learned from IMC and created a digital product website that brought in over $150,000, of which $50,000 was net profit.  I'm very excited about what I have learned and expect to grow this business substantially this year!

It's really exciting to have created a second business that has as much potential as the wholesale business that I have spent the last 5 years growing (to over $500,000 per year).

I recommend your course to all my subscribers.  I'm not a top affiliate but I do earn $300+ a month just by sending an automatic e-mail recommending your course.

Your strategies will work for anyone who applies them. It just takes a person who is able to recognize just how valuable the information is and actually put it into use.

Brent Crouch

"Now, I decide whether to work --
or go paragliding instead!

... It gives me a lot of freedom!"*

-- Mike Herberts, UK

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"I made over $41,000 in JUST ONE MONTH!"*

home based online business marketing"I purchased my first Insider Secrets course in early 2003.

After reading through the information and applying just a few of the strategies covered in the course I found my sales did definitely increase.

In 2004 I got a little more serious about my Internet business. I added a newsletter, started using pay per click strategies along with other simple marketing techniques outlined in Insider Secrets.

For my efforts, my Custom Built Spas website grossed just about $70,000 that year.

At the beginning of 2005, I purchase the updated Insider Secrets course and enrolled the IMC mentoring program. After a website overhaul with the application of some fresh ideas and adding an affiliate program, my Custom Built Spas website grossed an average of $13,000 a month for the year, more than I ever expected the site to produce!

I thought that would be about as good as it gets until this year in March of 2006 alone the site brought in just over $41,000.00.

Implementing the lessons and materials found in the Insider Secrets Course has given me the ability to earn more money than I ever thought possible.

Thanks IMC, you’ve changed my life!"

Gene Trumbull

"I started my business with your course...

... The money I spent on
OTHER products was a waste!"*

-- Barry Monies, Connecticut

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"Sales increased to over $1,000 per week...

... this website is going to fund my early retirement!"*

marketing home based internet business"In November 2005, I implemented pricing strategies from the Insider Secrets course and actually INCREASED my prices. I was surprised when sales actually increased to over $1,000 per week!

And even better, I was making more profit per sale!

I'm much happier with the website now... it's going to fund my early retirement. Plus, my family can now afford a few extra special things to reward and spoil ourselves.

My wife stays at home to look after our children, which means we miss out on a second income. The website is now like the second income we need. I anticipate giving up full time work within twelve months, with the website making enough money support us.

If you're serious about making a success of your website, definitely get this course!

David Waden

"I tripled my revenue in the first year!"*

-- Mary Sandro, Connecticut

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"This course is a wealth of knowledge...

... From basics to advanced, it's the
first step to making money online!

-- John Voight, Virginia

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"The traffic strategies in this course
are VERY worthwhile reading!

-- Mike Taylor, UK

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"Our business is growing at 30-40% per year!"*

-- Brad Walker, Australia

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"Sales have been increasing by 45% per year
thanks to the Internet!

-- Clayton Johnston, Australia

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"I can't wait to check my sales every morning

... and the business is VERY flexible!"*

-- Craig Townsend, Australia

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"We used the course to START our business...

... Then increased our sales by 54% in
only 90 days
using just 2 of the strategies!"*

training for seoIn March of last year, two friends and I had merely written our business idea on a piece of blueline paper.  We ordered your Internet Marketing course and each of us committed to reading it before starting.

We started off with 176 sales in the first five months, which wasn't a lot...

But then we took a couple more ideas from your Internet marketing course, including offering a monthly newsletter.  Our business has jumped 54% in the last three months!

Getting a 54% boost in sales in 90 days was outstanding and we believe we will continue to grow at that rate for many years.

We now have a website and business that we are extremely proud of, all thanks to IMC. Financially we are just at the tip of the profit wave that will now continue for years to come.

We think a lot bigger now and definitely see the possibility of making over $1 Million per year within the next five years!!!!

These tips and strategies will work for anyone who will follow the roadmap given by IMC!!!

The IMC course is so full of good advice, that any business should be able to find several ideas that will materially improve their business!

Rodney Grubbs

"I stick with IMC products... I have
a lot of faith in them!

-- David Trzecinkski, Australia

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an audio clip of what David had to say!

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"My sales increased over 100%... I can't believe
I waited so long to use this course!

-- David Waden, Australia

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"This course really teaches you
HOW to make money on the Web!

--Greg Cassar, Australia

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"I made over $2,000 in JUST ONE WEEK!"*

seo testimonial "I followed all the little directions I had received from the "Internet Marketing Course"... from writing my salesletter to employing an e-mail list.

I now have over 7,000 subscribers and within this time I have also managed to help many other anxiety and panic disorder sufferers to lead a normal life again.

The most exciting result was the week I earned over $2,000 in profits (minus advertising costs).

I'm still puzzled as to why so many more people haven't caught onto this idea of internet marketing???

I've already recommended and endorsed the Internet Marketing Course... it's what gave me my kick start, I know its worth every penny too!

Joanne King

"We're having FUN... and making
CASH in the process!"*

--Mason Ford and Lachlan Pennefater, Australia

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an audio clip of what Mason and Lachlan had to say!

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"This course is REALLY good value for money!"*

--Patricia Sharpe, Australia

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"Will put you way ahead of the masses ... "*

“If you are running a business that includes web sites intended to make money, you should have your entire staff study this manual.

If you either have an idea for something you want to try on the Internet, or you want to find something that will help you spark that idea, then YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY BUY THIS MANUAL...

The time and effort you put into reading it will put you way ahead of the masses and save you months of trial and error and searching for answers.”

-- Glenn Sobel
Affiliate Expert

"The most valuable business resource
we have ever purchased... "*

“The most comprehensive and complete course on Internet Marketing (and marketing in general) that you will find anywhere.

We have spent thousands of dollars researching various methods of marketing for our own exporting and our business library and I can truly say that the Internet Marketing Course is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased.”

-- Ron Coble
Coble International

"More profits than he's ever seen in his life..."

"I just wanted to say thanks to you. I have made close to $300,000 this year from my site! Ca-ching!

By far the most I've ever made in my life. Applying all the concepts in your great course really made all the difference..."

Ken Calhoun

testimonial for seo course

"He's already made $8,000 -- and
English isn't his native language!"

"After reading your lesson on search engines, I set up web site offering a rental house, just to see what happens...

Three months later, and I have already made almost $8,000... and with only FOUR emails in my client list! It is all thanks to your advice on using pay-per-click search engines!

You have made a HUGE impact on the way I think, act, live...

I want to say that I recommend everyone to follow your insider secrets blue print. I know it may take some time to learn everything, but look at me: English is not my native language and I still make some sales ;-)

-- Frederico Vila Verde

"One simple change makes a $5,000 difference..."*

"Once again your idea and advice has saved me considerable time.

Simply by including information about my paid newsletter in my FREE newsletter I have sold about $5,000 worth of subscriptions! I could go on forever, covering ways you have helped me!

I have bought many different Internet marketing tools, and I have found yours to be one of the most beneficial."

-- Julie Mission

"He makes $4,500 per month -- and his
opt-in rate increased 1,000%!"*

"In January, I launched a 7-part e-mail course called "Tips and Tricks For Writing Success". Since then, over 17,000 people from more than 100 countries have taken the course. I receive positive testimonials on it every day.

By the way, when I switched from a static to a "pop-under on exit" sign-up strategy for my course and newsletter, the weekly sign-up rate jumped from 25-30 to 225-250 (almost 1,000%). One year ago my sites were generating US $2K per month.

Currently my sites are grossing US $4,500 per month!"

-- Shaun Fawcett

"It explains everything you need to know..."*

"The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" is the best deal I have ever bought. It explains EVERYTHING you need to know to market successfully on the Web.

I just hope my competition doesn't read this book before I'm ready to retire! If you're not my competition, get a copy now. You can't afford to be without it.

Incidentally, I don't get any commission from IMC."

-- Bill Henderson
San Antonio, Texas

"He's making $20,000 per month!"*

"Your course is not just for selling intangible products or for starting a new service business, it is also a great tool to generate additional sales for traditional businesses.

Thanks to your advice, we are able to survive and stay in business marketing our products directly to consumers through the Internet.

After achieving $10,000 per month sales, it took us another 12 months to reach $20,000 per month and we are looking forward to reach $50,000 per month.

If we did not follow your advice and start doing internet marketing two years ago, we would be out of business by now."

-- Eric

"Sky-high conversion rates..."

"Thanks to the valuable lessons in automation I had learned from you, I got a 21.7% response rate to my list mailout -- the highest I've EVER had in the past.

52 sales resulted from one list of 550 subscribers, making it almost a 10% sale conversion.

Thanks to that wonderful advice, I really am reaping enormous benefits from the hours and hours of time saved by meticulous planning and careful execution at the beginning."

-- Mani Sivasubramanian

"SEVEN times the revenue in just 30 days..."

"I just started selling my product in June, and I made $522.22 that month. For the month of July: $3,918.62. And that's just my second month online with the product!

If I can do it, so can you. Have a plan of action, get good counsel and go for it! TEST everything and never give up!

I would like to thank IMC from the bottom of my heart. You are an inspiration to the likes of me. Thanks for your Internet course -- it was awesome. I found it to be the HOLY GRAIL in online marketing. Forgot the rest and go with the best!"

-- Sean McPheat

"He increased his traffic by 100%!"*

"We had been up and running for a while, trying the whole advertising thing (which wasn't working), when I decided to order your IMC course to get some ideas on how to make this whole idea profitable.

Well the book is incredible and I've only begun to tap into it and use all the great strategies it details.

... The results we've begun to see are to the tune of a 100% increase in traffic with each release (WOW!).

-- Greg Rouse

"How Tracy's hobby became a
3,000 subscriber business..."*

"I bought your course probably 2 years ago. At the time, I knew I wanted to make money online but I didn't know quite how. I followed your course almost blindly, just to see if it would work at first.

Since I am a Golf Instructor, I stuck with that. I set up a free online Golf Instruction Newsletter as a hobby at first, knowing that if it worked, I would use it as a marketing tool for an information product.

It did work. After 1 1/2 years, I presently have over 3000 subscribers and I've launched my product! I just want to say thanks..."

-- Tracy Reed

"The best investment I ever made..."*

"I believe it is going to be the single best investment I have ever made. You weren't lying or deceptive in the least when you said that.

Your course is chock full of information one needs to be super successful online. I was flabbergasted (I still am) at how much information the course has. And it is all so simple to understand.

This course is worth MUCH more than $197 I paid. I think you should charge $600 or $900 for this course. All other courses come no where NEAR this one."

-- Foster Brown

"He TRIPLED his income!"*

"I went from earning about $750.00 per month to well over $2500.00 per month. Now I know that this won't make me rich, but earning a few thousand extra dollars per month is what is allowing me to purchase more real estate...

... I would recommend their program to anyone interested in building a business of their own.

What he teaches works, whether you're performing a service or selling a product. Learn what you need to before getting knee deep in your business, the results will be much faster."

-- Steve Millington

"He's now bombarded with sales from overseas!"*

"Twelve months ago I came across your products... Since then, our business has grown exponentially and sales are growing larger every day...

From the moment we implemented your techniques we have tapped huge new demand from overseas customers that we never knew existed before.

Our phones, faxes, and e-mail are getting bombarded, forcing us to restructure and divide our business accordingly as a direct result of these techniques!

We can only see one way ahead and that is up!! Thanks you!!! It's amazing how such a small investment of my time and research has paid off to such an extent..."

-- Travis J. Amitrano
Director - Pearl Coast Marine Products P.L.

"It now takes her 30 minutes per week!"*

"I have employed many of the techniques in the Internet Marketing course to grow my online needlework supply business over the last 6-8 months.

However, by far the the most effective has been the use of autoresponders to deliver a highly informative article about needlework stands (frames).

It now takes about 30 minutes per week to fill those orders, and the amount of problem orders has gone down because our customers are better informed. What a great result!"

-- Catherine Bracken

"I'm 100% satisfied in value for the buck!"*

"I bought IMC's course a few months ago, and I have been 100% satisfied for the value delivered for the buck.

It would take years to learn all techniques they cover. I have always been a strong proponent for delivering more to your customers than their money's worth, and IMC obviously believes in this success principle too."

-- Stephen Kenyon
Story, Wyoming

"He was so excited, he couldn't SLEEP!"*

"After I received your home study course I couldn't get to sleep!

I found myself saying things like: I bought the wrong software! Is that why that didn't work! Is that how you do that! And also, Wow - What a big pack - I was expecting a small homemade-type printed book, not a professional folder with *everything* you could ever want!!!!"

-- Paul Easton

"They've become my one-stop shop
to get tools for my business..."*

"I didn't even know the first thing about starting an Internet business, but the Insider Secrets course gave me just what I needed.

I didn't have millions, not even thousands, to launch my Internet business. Well, The Internet Marketing Center (IMC) came to my rescue and has become my one-stop shop for tools for my business.

I was so impressed by the course that I purchased WebPosition Gold, Site Promoter, Mailloop, PowerSubmitter and AssocTrac software.

At each step in developing our site, every single software tool that IMC recommended has saved me time and stress.

When I needed help, IMC was there to help me. It has boosted my confidence in the advice they've given me. We are now up and running, thanks to the Internet Marketing Center!"

-- Rhonda Wilson
Solutions for Busy People

"He left the corporate world to run
a profitable business from home..."*

"First, I want to tell you that I have gotten at least 50 times value out of your course compared to what I paid for it.

The reason why this is the first time you've heard from me, is because I've been so busy studying, learning and implementing your powerful techniques!

I have recently left my corporate job and am now working full time on various projects from my home... thanks to your course!"

-- Jesse Horowitz
Marina Del Rey, California

"He stayed up late 2 nights reading..."*

"WOW! I stayed up late the last two nights reading it and is everything you said it would be. I have purchased many courses over my years and I have always failed at my endeavor.

Your course is the first that really did what it said it could. And oh yeah, you can keep your guarantee, this is one course you won't be seeing again!"

-- Anthony Johnson
Winning Lotto

"Begin with a head start and READ THIS COURSE!"*

best seo and internet marketing course“The Insiders Secrets Course truly helped jump start my website into becoming the worlds #1 most popular Website For Sale Marketplace.

I’m living proof that the Course is well worth the money. You simply can not find the quality, detailed information about internet marketing anywhere else.

The course does an excellent job of showing the true steps in creating a highly profitable internet company with little or no money.

Begin with a head start and read this course. With the Insiders Secrets Course and some hard work, you can enjoy the dream of running your own successful internet company.”

Nelson Bates, Florida

"Search engine expert gains valuable insights..."

"... I also came across several ideas I hadn't thought of before which really surprised me... They'll give you the good, the bad, and the ugly of each technique.

Frankly, I'd be surprised if there's anyone who would not find enough valuable insights into Internet Marketing to pay for the book several times over."

-- Brent Winters
Search Engine Expert and Founder of

"One of the most informative
books I've ever read..."*

"I received your course the other day and I'm so excited I can't sit still. It's one of the most informative books I have ever had the fortune to read..."

-- James E. Novak
Nova2 Information

"He makes over $200,000 per year!"*

>"All the folks at the IMC had their game leagues ahead of others.

Not only did I learn from their superb "Insider Secrets To Marketing On The Internet", but just as important, I also watched how they marketed their own products.

I learned that not only do you have to understand great marketing but you also have to have top notch products.

Now, I'm a cynical bugger, but I ended up buying practically every IMC product! And I might add, I now couldn't be without them.

Presently I am running a business that brings in around $200,000 annually on the internet alone and I put so much of it down to the infinite wisdom of Internet Marketing Center team.

Get the new "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" course of you want to REALLY stay way ahead of the game!

I couldn't recommend it more highly."

Chris Standring

"Your course is superior... best value
for quality content I've seen!"*

"First, I'd like to tell you that your course and your customer service is superior.

I'm a 5-year direct marketer and I've purchased thousands of dollars worth of info products. Yours is the best value for quality content that I've ever seen!"

-- Michael Buck
Wealth Magnet

"Generously packed with high-quality information"*

"I have just completed reading "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet". Congratulations on a First Class Course! It has certainly lived up to its name and is generously packed with high quality information and practical tips."

-- Denis Roberts
London, England

"The most valuable course I've taken..."*

"I have taken more marketing courses than I can count, and IMC's is by far the most valuable, comprehensive, and well written I have taken.

It's no wonder 90% of the internet based business owners don't make money from their websites... they haven't taken IMC's course yet!"

-- William Breeden

"I was nothing short of amazed..."*

"Having ordered the course I read it from cover to cover and implemented several of IMC's techniques. I was nothing short of amazed at the effects!

After reading one chapter in particular I am receiving much more traffic than before, and more traffic is more money! In my opinion, at the price they're charging, IMC is *underselling* the value of the information in the course!"

-- Neil Shearing

"My online sales increased 500%!"*

"The results from using this course were that my online sales increased by 500%!

Applying this course resulted in the overwhelming success of my website... I just wanted to let you know that when I applied the techniques he recommended, my online sales exploded!"

-- David Katz

"He's raked in $7,500 during the
past two weeks alone..."*

"The techniques I've applied from "Insider Secrets" have easily doubled my income.

In the last two weeks I've made $7500 from Internet leads! I have another $5000 deal about to close that just came from an Internet lead. It took about 3 months to start kicking in. It's been steadily increasing ever since.

You have created an easy to apply system that gets results. I'm not a computer guy. I'm not an early adaptor. My computer friends call me Mr. Analog!

If I can make your techniques work, anyone can!"

-- Ruben Gonzalez

"He's earning $80,000 per year..."*

"I've followed IMC's newsletters for a few years and bought their marketing course 2 years ago. (Impressed by the speed of delivery to England!)

Since then I've used a number of their ideas to improve profitability AND reduce my work load.

I'm earning $80,000 a year for no work at all right now. I have time to look at how it's working and I keep making improvements to increase my income."

-- Martin Pickering

"This course gets our PERFECT rating!"*

"This [course] blows the others to smithereens! If you're really serious about building a truly profitable business online, you MUST start off with this course; you simply MUST!

The new version gets our first PERFECT rating for it's exceptional value-for-money buy!"

-- Simon Heong
Internet Marketing Tools & E-Business Review

"He's DOUBLED his weekly subscribers!"*

"For those that are tired of hearing about all the people getting rich and wondering why it's not working for them, it can be done. But it does take work and the right knowledge. You provide the work and let IMC provide the knowledge.

The click through rate to my book's sales page from the home page has gone from 7.1% to 15.9%. In addition, my newsletter subscribers have gone from an average of 8-12 a week to 20-30 a week.

I can't recommend IMC's products enough. As you can see, it's provided a wealth of knowledge to me in my marketing efforts to get my new internet business up and running."

-- Gregg Gillies

"This is one resource you NEED!"*

"If you're looking for a comprehensive course that truly is "the one resource you need," then as of this moment, I personally don't believe there's a product out there that delivers more value than IMC's course. Mine is a year old.

Call me stupid, but I'm planning to buy the updated version because I don't want to miss anything.

That's how good I believe it is."

-- Leslie Fountain
Friends In Business

"Backed by an outstanding company..."*

"IMC is an excellent company with a unique marketing product that is the best on the Net!

My personal contact with the IMC team showed me the company is truly upstanding and is behind its product and especially its Associates."

-- Ryan Seeds
Business Solutions

"This course is well worth the investment..."*

"As you might imagine after roaming around my site, I'm extremely skeptical of a lot of the Internet Marketing hype (and in fact, that skepticism was one of the major reasons I built my site in the first place).

I get a fair number of inquiries from Internet Promoters who want to advertise their latest scheme on the site. Most of them are laughable. Most of the rest I won't even sell advertising to!

I'm allegedly no slouch when it comes to things internet-related, but I found quite a few tips and insights in the course that I've been able to apply to If I had bought the course, I would have gotten my money's worth...

And if you're a fledgling Web-Marketer, it will be of even greater value to you, because it'll tell you not only what does work, but what doesn't...

So, if you're serious about selling things on the net, and want some good advice on how to do it, the "Insider Secrets" course is well worth the investment."

-- Robert Woodhead
Owner / Internet Marketing Expert

"This course is now my bible..."*

"This is now my business Bible for everything I do on the Internet from now on!"

-- Steve Scully
Owner Controlled eCommerce Websites

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course!"*

"Read it from cover to cover. Absolutely fabulous!

Would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone wanting to do business on the Internet."

-- Brian Elliot

"This course is a BARGAIN!"*

"I feel that the $197 I spent was a bargain.

I have been messing around with the Internet for a while now. After finishing just your first 3 ring binder, I realize what a babe in the woods I have been."

-- Roger W Carpenter
Broomfield, Colorado

"I wanted to say THANK YOU!!!"*

As a trainer and consultant for over 20 years, I know the key ingredients in the journey to business success are (1) a plan, (2) a teacher and (3) a model to follow.

The Insider Secrets has been my roadmap to internet marketing success.

Beginning with the program's Quick Start Guide, I was given a step-by-step plan to create my internet business. The easy to follow lessons taught me exactly what I needed to know so I could move forward and start generating revenue!

seo and internet marketing

Having The Internet Marketing Center as a model with it's treasure trove of resources and tools is like having a my own success mentor.

This program has played a huge role in my internet marketing success.

Even now, after implementing many of the money-making strategies and techniques that have created a fabulous monthly income for me, I continue to use Insider Secrets as my #1 Reference.

It's clear instructions provide a direct path to great results. This program is worth it's weight in gold!

Thank you!

Ann McIndoo
Writer * Speaker * Author

"I highly recommend their tips,
tools and resources!"*

"If you are thinking about starting a business on the Internet or already have one, I highly recommend IMC's tips, tricks, and tools for online entrepreneurs.

It is a superb resource.

I was only 30 seconds into reading the front page article at their site when I came across the tip which completely changed the way I run my business!"

-- Harvey Segal

"He learned how to design his website..."*

"I was just about finished designing my web site when I went to the course. After I read it, I changed everything. Redesigned the whole site.

It's now heaps better and the set up costs were less. I loved everything about the course. I don't know how you could make it better."

-- Mark Aisbett

"Your course is an extraordinary value..."*

"Your course was an extraordinary value and well worth every penny spent.

It has completely changed my thinking about the value of internet marketing and has completely changed how I look at my business."

-- Todd R. Tresidder

"He made over $30,000 in just two months ..."*

“Two months have passed...I have made well over $30,000 from my site!”

-- Joe Malek

"She's making $37,000 to $40,000 PER MONTH!"*

“My sales right now are running around $37,000 per month. In May it was $40,000.

I really see my business doing a million in the next year.”

-- Charlotte Croften

"He made $500,000 last year..."*

“I made last year a half-a-million dollars in income...

I work from the basement of my house on the lake. And of course, all of this probably wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for IMC.

-- Bogdan Fiedur

For you guys… I can derail for a few minutes.

I started my main website in Sept 2005, and by Nov 06 the business grossed about $46k (nothing to write home to mom about). I signed up for the mentoring program back in November of 06, and Dan James was assigned to me… and that made a BIG difference. I think the big lessons I learned from him was the SEO stuff, as well as some copywriting... although I’m still not that good a copywriter, and have recently succumb to the fact that I must invest in good copywriters… but MAN are they expensive!

Anyway, I went from page 10-20 for my keyword “real estate investor software”, to now I am #1 or #2 on all major engines for that keyword, as well as “real estate investing software”, and now I am competing nicely for “real estate software”. I’m still only getting about 1500 unique visitors per month, but my site converts at an average of 2 % (about 9% for affiliates)... so that’s not bad. The conversion rates are lowering now that I’m getting traffic from more broad keywords like “real estate software”.

I’m in the process of creating a new product, and upgrading my existing product… so if all works out I will have new products to drop on my list of about 3500 clean subscriber/customers. That should bump me up to my goal of $200k this year in sales. Then I can start hiring people to really get things moving… so my plan is to have a person on staff to build JV relationships, and a software developer to free up my time so I can focus on the bigger picture…. Then shoot for the $1M annual sales mark by 2010 or sooner.

So, with all that said… it’s been a challenging, fun project. And my new rule of thumb is… unless I have tried to completely give up and throw in the towel at least 10 times (I literally write hash marks on my white board) on any project, then I have not given it enough effort.

And every time I try to say… “screw this, it’s not gonna work”, then I rest for a few days and dig in my heels again, and I drastically increase my sales. So that is a very important lesson that I have learned in this whole process. Just when I’m ready to quit… something breaks loose and I get to a new level. Like breaking through a resistance level.

Anyway, thanks for everything… and I (as I always do) will continue to recommend you guys to aspiring internet marketers that I come across.

Very best,

-- John Schroeder


* The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.